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Demon is a creature type used for powerful, evil beings who are often difficult to control and exact a price from anyone who tries to deal with them.[2]


They are usually associated with black mana, and the occasional influence of red mana; Streets of New Capenna and its setting introduce demons in all colors of mana. Diabolist connoisseurs know that demons come in hundreds of strains — and one never properly uses the term “breed” or “bloodline” for demons, as they are normally created fully formed from magic, rather than being born.[3] Physically, almost all of the demons here-within are pure manifestations of black mana, without true flesh.[4] Demon is the iconic creature for the color black.[5] Almost all of them are - intentionally - male;[6] however, technically demonic beings such as Lady Orca did exist in pre-revisionist material, and female demons have been officially reintroduced as of Children of the Nameless.[3]


The first cards to bear the type were Demonic Hordes and Lord of the Pit in Alpha.

Afraid of main stream criticism on the growing game of Magic, both the creature type and the word “Demonic” disappeared in 1995.[7] For the same reason the pentagram got removed from the Fourth Edition Unholy Strength. For all practical purposes, demons were replaced by Horrors. Demons returned to the game in the fall of 2002 with the release of Onslaught.[8] WotC had realised that other popular entertainment (from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer to Hellboy) had made demons fashionable.[9]




In the Shard of Alara known as Grixis, demons run rampant consuming the living. On other Shards, demons were only a rumor until the Conflux.

Archdemon of Unx[]

A large demon composed mostly of the tortured visages of the occupants of the necropolis of Unx.

Defiler of Souls[]

The Defiler of Souls is believed to be the punishment that awaits any who slides into sin by the Bantian people. Bears a striking resemblance to the Prince of Thralls.

Extractor Demons[]

These large demons wear the bones of their victims as accessories. These demons collect the bones (teeth, skulls, etc.) of their prey and sometimes forge the bones into weaponry.

Prince of Thralls[]

A powerful demon who could command the dead and destroy the living, claiming there is no one he cannot control or command. Given his flavor text, it is implied he may have been the demon who manipulated Sedris into becoming a lich and caused the corruption that is now Grixis. The demon is characterized by its dark blue skin tone and blood-stained horns.


Demons patrol the wastelands beyond the safety of the Hekma. The demons of Ifnir bear some resemblance to Nicol Bolas, with long limbs and tails, huge wings, and gaunt bodies adorned with horns and blades. The people of Naktamun claimed that the demons were banished by the God-Pharaoh to the desolation of Ifnir as punishment when they rose in rebellion against him.[10]

Razaketh guarded the Gate to the Afterlife until the Hour of Devastation, after which the survivors of the destroyed Naktamun had to flee into the desert.[11]


Ammits are soul-devouring crocodile-like demons that are used in the trials of Bontu.[12] Some of them have been transformed into Eternals.


Demons of Arcavios are called daemogoths and are seemingly aligned with Witherbloom. Similar to their counterparts from other planes, they offer deals and when their victims are unwilling or unable to repay them, the demons send vile specters after them.


On the plane of Capenna, the archdemons are forced to cooperate with the angels to stave off a phyrexian incursion, creating the save haven of New Capenna.[13] However, the demons soon betrayed the battle-weary angels and imprisoned them in stone, leeching off halo from them. They have since departed, but during the formation of the city of New Capenna, they made pacts with criminal family heads, turning them into hybrid demons. Thus, Capenna is one of the few places in the multiverse where demons span all five colors of mana.


Dominarian demons are powerful manifestations of black mana that either accumulated naturally or were forced into being by planeswalkers and similar powerful wizards.

Lords of the Pit[]

A Lord of the Pit is a powerful creature with a gigantic jaw full of razor teeth, two huge wings, and claws. One was summoned by Ravidel at the Dueling Chasm of Golthonor in his battle against Kristina of the Woods, Jared Carthalion, and Altair of Coloni, where the pit lord killed Hoont the spitting slug. Another was summoned by a mage in Kush during fights on Arena. Lords of the pit are so powerful, requiring a constant stream of sacrifices to be kept under control, that even planeswalkers are wary of summoning them. One of them, named Thomil, summoned a lord of the pit in a fight with Worzel and lost his control over it, costing him a very long time to recover.

Minions of Leshrac[]

Minions of Leshrac were large, batlike sharp-toothed demonic creatures. Jodah and Jaya Ballard fought one of them in the cave near Tresserhorn. The minions of Leshrac also fought in the battle of Kjeldor and Balduvia with Lim-Dûl.

Demonic Hordes[]

Large swarms of lesser demons who share a penchant for destroying the land of Dominaria.

Minions of Tevesh Szat[]

These demons were servants of the planeswalker Tevesh Szat, who used them to lend assistance to the necromancer Lim-Dûl. Following Lim-Dûl's transportation to Shandalar and Tevesh Szat's death during the attack of the Nine Titans, their state is unclear.

Mold Demons[]

Mold demons are monsters that stand several dozen feet in height and equipped with sharp spikes and teeth made from blue-black mold spores; they are capable of extremely fast regeneration. The shapeshifter Halfdane took the form of a mold demon during his fight with Ayesha Tanaka and Tor Wauki.


Thraxodemons are small, easily manipulated, demons.


The Archdemon of Paliano is a demon found within the plane of Fiora.


Long ago on Innistrad, demons were a threat only whispered about, feared by vampires and humans alike. They were thought to have died out long ago, or even be mythical. But then Avacyn and her angels came, and with her presence, a new equilibrium was reached. Vampires, werewolves, and the undead were driven back to restore the balance between humanity and the rest of the world's beings. But their retreat opened a space — and an opportunity for Innistrad's infernal forces to manifest. The demons and their hosts of devils began to arrive, one by one. Their centers of activity are regions like the Ashmouth, which supposedly connect to their native realm.

Demons observe an internal hierarchy, in which the demon Griselbrand held previously the highest rank before his destruction. He was succeeded by Ormendahl. Born from ancient demon worship of these higher entities, the Skirsdag are now a secret demon cult centered in the High City of Thraben.

Many demons were corrupted by the eldrazi titan Emrakul and turned into her brood. It's unclear if, like angels, they are virtually extinct, though none appear in Eldritch Moon. However Children of the Nameless does reveal that some survived after the Avacynian crisis. This story also reveals that some are female and that, although born of magic and generally ruthless, are capable of familial bonds.[3]

Hartmurt Demon[]

Hartmurt Demons are tall, muscular hairless demons with inhuman features, and horns that sweep back along their heads almost like a mane. A rare wingless strain, Hartmurts are hardy, quick to heal, and tend to be skilled combatants.[3]

Nightreach Demon[]

Large demons with skeletal features, long, goat-like legs, and enormous wings.[3]

Reaper from the Abyss[]

The Reaper from the Abyss is a powerful, cunning demon, who seduces humans into worshiping him. True to his title, he is a swift and merciless killer.

Bloodgift Demon[]

The Bloodgift Demon is a sinister master of souls, promising to lend eldritch power in exchange for devotion. He offers the Chalice of Life filled with his blood to his acolytes, but as they drink, it turns into a Chalice of Death. In Griselbrand's absence, many Skirsdag cultists chose to name him their dark lord.

The Ashspawn[]

With Emrakul's arrival, the Ashmouth in Stensia's Geier Reach was utterly transformed. If it once linked to an infernal realm where demons and devils dwelled, that link was altered to pass through some alien region where Eldrazi held sway. Warped and twisted demons emerged from the chasm. Almost unrecognizable, these creatures sprouted extra limbs, additional mouths, great curving horns, and jointed tentacles, all mottled with Emrakul's characteristic lattice of flesh. These horrors started to spread like extensions of Emrakul's will, draining the land of mana and transforming it in Emrakul's likeness.[14]

Archdemons of Greed[]

These lesser demons require human sacrifices before being able to unleash their true form. To keep themselves in this transformed state, they need to keep consuming human life.


Demons on Ixalan are thought to be the spawn of Aclazotz, the bat god of the night.[15] While the sun’s aspects include destruction as well as creation and growth, the demons represent stagnation and decay. Fearing the sun's rays, these demons are active only at night and actively work to find a way from preventing it from rising again.

Some of the horse breeds used by the Legion of Dusk, such as the Dusk Charger, are rumored to have demonic blood, which makes them fearless and bloodthirsty. It is unknown if these demons are the same ones found on Ixalan, or if different demons exist on Torrezon.


Kaladesh's demons are artificial creations created through the Dark Schematic, an aether pattern developed through unknown means - perhaps to replicate the creation of angels, perhaps to recreate the now-extinct naturally-born demons. They feed on aether, harvesting it by stealing it or causing general destruction, and can be seen as embodiments of the reclaiming aspect of the Aether Cycle.[16]


Demons are the chief race of Immersturm and want to kill everyone.[17]

Immersturm's demons are vicious Viking raiders with an unrivaled thirst for destruction. Since the gods laid down the runes that trapped them in the realm, rival demon jarls and their savage legions have been battling constantly, furiously, on the Fields of Elskul. When they're not busy tearing each other apart, the demons search hungrily for any opportunity to raid other realms. Demon society is divided into legions, each led by a powerful leader known as a Slaughtermaster. Black-aligned demons are conquerors who want to spread fear and terror as they claim other realms for themselves. Red-aligned demons are hellbent on destruction and pain and want to burn everything to the ground and slaughter everyone they find.[18]

The Einir (the gods who birthed the elven race) sealed the demons into Immersturm using powerful magical objects of their design. When the Skoti challenged the Einir's supremacy and defeated them, these relics were lost. The Skoti used runic magic to reseal Immersturm, but they have been less than vigilant about maintaining the safeguards.[18]


The oni are malevolent spirits of evil and chaos in Kamigawa, most of whom were locked away in the Sokenzan Mountains. Following the outbreak of the Kami War, many were released by their o-bakemono worshipers to bring destruction to the plane. Unlike the demons of most other planes, some oni are created from red mana rather than black. The oni are easily recognizable by the presence of their third eye. During the Kami War, some humans who desired to obtain demonic power received the Mark of the Oni upon them. This made their bodies puppets of the oni, although some of them truly became demons .[19]

The oni were locked away in the spirit realm by Kyodai centuries ago. Cut off from the mortal realm, they are unable to feed freely, and their power dwindles.[20]


On the plane of Kylem where two-on-two battles are disputed at the arena of Valor's Reach, some of the most feared contenders are these demons.

Sower of Discord[]

The Sower of Discord has the power of establishing bonds between two or more individuals' souls. He can manipulate the destinies of friends making them fight each other even if they were supposed to work together.

Archfiend of Despair[]

Archfiend of Despair. He can destroy whole teams whenever the demon participates. He is always recognized by every other contender as a force to be feared that erases the chances of victory of most everyone else.


Demons exist on the artificial plane of Mirrodin though, like all other non-artificial life, were likely brought to the plane via the soul traps created by Memnarch.

Reiver demon[]

The Reiver Demon is a traditionally bat-winged, powerful, demon which is primarily notable for being the source of Demon's Horn.[21] Those who dare witnessing his mere presence are mostly damned. Sometimes it can be seen fighting a Platinum Angel over the Mirran skies.

Carnifex demon[]

Carnifex Demon is a Phyrexian demon who appears as a black-skinned humanoid with a large skeletal jaw covering his decaying humanoid face. This demon spreads the contagion around, infecting other creatures with its virus. Ironically, Carnifex himself appears to be infected with the contagion.


Yawgmoth Demons[]

The demons of Phyrexia inhabit its Sixth Sphere and are the most powerful and loyal minions of Yawgmoth. They form the majority of Yawgmoth's Inner Circle.[22]

Lesser Demons[]

During the times of Greensleeves, Phyrexia was inhabited by fleshy and mindless demons, which had only one purpose: to gather all artifacts they find and bring them to Phyrexia.


Demons of Ravnica are few but appear otherwise similar to Dominarian demons. They embody the darker metaphysical side of sentience: selfishness, cruelty, hatred, greed, and lust for power. The most famous is Rakdos, parun and guildmaster of the Cult of Rakdos. Some rumor that they are similarly formed from Rakdos to the angels that were once born from Razia. Rakdos claims authority over all the demons of this world- even if some of them, ambitious and headstrong as demons are, rebel against his authority.


Though it is uncertain what the hideous process through which the Cult of Rakdos go through to create half-demons, the result is unique to each one.[23]

Master of Cruelties[]

When a master of cruelties steps up as ringleader of a Rakdos show, the audience can be assured of a performance they will remember for the rest of their lives - however brief that might be. The mesmerizing presence of a master of cruelties draws every eye to the demon and commands an audience's full attention. With every act of depraved torment the demon performs, onlookers are drawn more and more into the blood lust. Audiences clamor for more violence, and those who get too caught up in the revelry feel compelled to partake in the indiscriminate killing.

Sire of Insanity[]

Rakdos nightclubs, where visitors can indulge any dark desire and revel in the sadistic spectacle, are the favored haunts of the demons known as Sires of insanity. Lurking in an underground vault beneath a Rakdos operation, a sire of insanity feasts on the violence, torment, and depravity unfolding above. Occasionally, cultists bring would-be recruits to the demon's presence, and true to its name - the sire of insanity breaks the new cultist's mind.

A sire of insanity is a bloated demon resembling a bipedal lizard. It stands some thirty feet tall and weighs many thousands of pounds, so it tends to keep hidden away in its subterranean lair, working its evil from the shadows.

Woebringer Demons[]

A small black demon with an insatiable appetite. They are known for causing panic throughout the streets of Ravnica and consuming the souls of other creatures. However, it is implied that these demons will die quickly if they are unable to find any souls to devour.


Demon hounds called Barghests exist on Shadowmoor. They are mostly monstrous demons devoid of any intelligence.


Shandalar is home to a powerful demonic force referred to as Xathrid. Xathrid commands his demons and is worshipped by a cult dedicated to him.

Xathrid Demons[]

Demons possessing a menacing grin and pale skin, the Xathrid are powerful demons known for making contracts with people in exchange for power. However, the only currency they accept is flesh and blood, much to the horror of their clients and cultists.


Several types of demons, called Sidikur, exist in Tarkir, mostly associated with the Sultai Brood and the Mardu Horde. The most unique are the many Rakshasa, demonic tiger-like cats, with which the Sultai have made pacts for power. It is said that all knowledge to summon or control demons is the result of deals with the rakshasa.[24] Most non-rakshasa demons have multiple limbs and tusk-like teeth.


Theros demons are souls long consumed by hatred and other negative emotions, eventually corrupted by black mana in an astonishingly quick process. With some effort, some fly back to the world of the living from the Underworld, leading "second lives" in a myriad of ways, usually as yet another form of a wild monster or as tormentors of the living.


Various demons exist on Zendikar, most of which possess incredible and rather destructive powers. Unlike angels, demons reject any form of society or alliance. They are utterly selfish and hoard power in many different forms, including wealth, magic, territory, and slaves. Drawn to places where black mana flows freely, they often dwell in ancient crypts or ruins deep in swampy terrain. Their presence defiles any remaining scrap of purity or goodness in an area, and often extends the bounds of a swamp or stirs up the restless spirits of the dead. Like most other demons on other planes, these demons covet power and wish to take the land's energy for themselves. The size and number of a demon’s horns are an indication of its age and power.

The most notable demon on Zendikar was Ob Nixilis, a fallen planeswalker who lost his spark and seeks revenge against the land that corrupted him.

Hellcarver Demons[]

The Hellcarver are demons who demand ALL physical materials for their services, once the pact is made, one must sacrifice everything for them. The price is great, but the reward they offer is irresistible.

Halo Hunters[]

Demons who hunt down and kill angels while collecting the remains as trophies to hang in their homes.

Abyssal Persecutors[]

Abyssal Persecutors are ruthless and efficient demons easily summoned by planeswalkers. The drawback is that they enjoy abusing their victims so much that they use their dark arts to make their victims immortal.

Pestilence Demons[]

A demon similar to Ob Nixilis in that they covet power and domination. They fly around, inflicting plague and torment upon everyone around them. It is also interesting to note that pestilence demons seem to bear a traditional, goatlike appearance.


Demons of Death's Gate[]

Demon of Death's Gate is a gigantic demon of unknown origin that can be released through the offering of marrow, sinew, and blood. It is characterized by its monstrous gaping maw and colossal chiropteran wings.

Embodiment of Agonies[]

The Embodiment of Agonies is a mysterious demon born from pain and death, two things his mere touch can achieve on others. His power comes from everything that has perished.

Notable Demons[]

  • Razaketh, one of the demons that Liliana sold her soul to.
  • the Buried Lord.
  • Brerig, a hunched demon in the employ of Davriel Cane, with features that vaguely resembled a hairless dog’s snout. Killed by demon hunters from Thraben.
  • Crunchgnar, a minion of Davriel Cane. Quick to heal and a skilled combatant, wearing warrior’s leathers and a pair of wicked swords strapped to his waist. Killed by Willia Verlasen.
  • Griselbrand, one of four influential archdemons who claimed ownership over the soul of Liliana Vess. On Innistrad, he rose in power to eclipse all other demons. Griselbrand was locked into the Helvault, together with Avacyn. After their escape, he was killed by Liliana.
  • Gutmorn, Pactbound Servant, Feaster upon souls, Tormentor of the seven princes. Nightreach demon of the Devrik Depths in Davriel Cane's retinue. Claims to be Yledris' brother.
  • Ormendahl, the successor of Griselbrand. Originally imprisoned in Westvale Abbey.
  • Shilgengar, the demon which preyed on Edgar Markov's ambition and whispered secrets that would point the way to the creation of vampires on Innistrad.
  • Withengar, the most powerful and dangerous demon in the known Multiverse. He was imprisoned on Elbrus, the Binding Blade due to the whole plane being threatened by his thirst for retribution. He is also known for being the killer of Saint Traft
  • Voluptera, Feaster of Men (a.k.a. Mrs. Highwater). Known as one of the most dangerous and wily of demons of the Nexrix Flame Expanse, now working for Davriel Cane as his accountant.
  • Yledris, Nightreach demon of the Devrik Depths in Davriel Cane's retinue. Claims to be Gutmorn's' sister. Killed by a pyromancer from Thraben.
Mirrodin/New Phyrexia
  • Abcal-dro was a Phyrexian Inner Circle member who oversaw Belbe's creation, implanted her lens, and used it to oversee her selection of the new evincar.
  • Ashtok
  • Croag was a powerful Inner Circle member who worked alongside Davvol on Rath. He was badly wounded by Kreig.
  • Gix was a Thran, converted into a Phyrexian Demon by Yawgmoth himself.
  • Kirril was a close servant of Yawgmoth who brought Crovax to Phyrexia for compleation.
  • Xathrid, a major demon worshipped or followed by many people and creatures.
  • Feyomsi, a rakshasa sorcerer and necromancer that personally teaches Sidisi, the Sultai khan. He governs the necropolis of Ukud, served by a group of loyal mages primarily composed of humans.
  • Ebirri, a rakshasa with whom Taigam made a pact and the one responsible for leading to his defection of the Jeskai. When attacked by Jeskai zealots, Taigam took the opportunity to try to murder Ebirri but failed.[29]

Grand Creature Type Update[]

In the Grand Creature Type Update the following creature types were changed into Demon:


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Demon Black Creature — Demon 5/5 Flying
Black Creature — Demon 6/6 Flying, trample
At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice another creature. If you can't, this creature deals 6 damage to you.
Black Creature — Demon X/X Flying
Black Creature — Demon 3/3
Demon Berserker Red Creature — Demon Berserker 2/3 Menace
Minor Demon Black/​Red Creature — Demon 1/1
Urami Black Legendary Creature — Demon Spirit 5/5 Flying


Alara demons[]

Amonkhet demons[]

Dominaria demons[]

Innistrad demons[]

Mirrodin/New Phyrexia demons[]

Kamigawa demons[]

Ravnica demons[]

Tarkir demons[]

Other demons[]



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