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Denry Klin
Race Leonin
Birthplace New Capenna, New Capenna
Lifetime Present
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Denry Kiln, Editor in Chief is a leonin advisor in New Capenna.


Denry is the owner of the Capenna Herald. He has a well-manicured mane.[1]

Nothing is sacred in New Capenna anymore, not since the angels left. No story — real or imagined — is off limits if it means moving ink and paper. What matters to the newsman is that the news, warts and all, gets to the eyes of the people, and that his paper gets the news to them first. For the working people of the Caldaia and the Mezzio, it might be the labor reports, boxing recaps, and bridge announcements. For the socialites and playboys of Park Heights, it may be the society pages, the gossip columns, and the stock numbers. For the five families, it might be the obituaries, the classifieds, or what passes for the crime beat: the broadsheets of New Capenna are as much at war over readership as the five families are over Halo. This is a war that Denry Klin is determined to win.


Born into the gray guild of reporters, Denry Klin knows the news. His ascension to the role of editor in chief of the Capenna Herald was no less brutal for its bloodless achievement. In his mind, the warring papers of New Capenna — the Caldaia Union-Post, the Mezzio Star-Times, the Park Heights Zenith, the New Capenna Vanguard, and his own Capenna Herald — are the "sixth family" of the city. What they lack in enforcers and muscle they replace with beat reporters, gossip columnists, and photographers; though they might not stack bodies, they shine a light on those who do — unless the killer is willing to pay to kill the story as well.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
What You Expect to See Kaitlyn Zivanovich 2022-03-29 Streets of New Capenna New Capenna Kamiz, Queza, Tivit, Raffine, Oskar, Denry Klin, Lagrella

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