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Race Dwarf
Birthplace Kaladesh
Lifetime Mending Era

Depala is a young dwarf pilot from Kaladesh renowned for her talent at the controls and a reputation for pushing the limits.[1] She was recruited by the Renegades.[2]


There isn't a vehicle on Kaladesh that Depala can't pilot. A natural behind the controls, this young dwarf is currently the second-ranked aeronaut in Ghirapur's airship racing scene. Depala spent her years as a hand working aboard a mining airship and quickly became a full-fledged pilot after demonstrating her natural talent behind the controls.

Now Depala flies with the Derby Crows, a small aeronaut society known for its talented pilots. She flies in every race she can, whether it is Consulate-sanctioned or not, and she has become a crowd favorite. As a pilot, she can intuit a vehicle's limits, and she pushes those limits without exceeding them. She has a reputation for flying dangerously close to other ships. When accused of recklessness, she responds by saying, "Only incompetent pilots can be reckless. you calling me incompetent?"

When she's not racing, Depala works with the Derby Crow's builders and inventors to upgrade her ships. Her recent ascendance in the racing circuit has pushed other pilots to revisit and improve their own designs.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Born of Aether Alison Luhrs 2016-09-21 Kaladesh Kaladesh Depala, Yahenni, Oviya Pashiri, Nissa Revane, Chandra Nalaar
The Skies Over Ghirapur Ari Levitch 2017-01-11 Aether Revolt Kaladesh Karpani Zevanwat, Ragavan, Jace Beleren, Depala
Renewal Mel Li, Kelly Digges, Alison Luhrs, Doug Beyer, and Chris L'Etoile 2017-02-01 Aether Revolt Kaladesh Chandra Nalaar, Pia Nalaar, Dhiren Baral, Gideon Jura, Nissa Revane, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Ajani Goldmane, Depala, Yahenni

In-game references[]

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