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Race Aven
Birthplace Bant, Alara
Lifetime During the Conflux
Commander 2013

Derevi Empyrial tactician is a legendary bird wizard from Bant, on Alara.

While she soars above the battlefield, Derevi uses cunning strategies to outsmart her enemies. She orchestrates the movements of her great army as they fight invaders who would lay waste to the peaceful lands of Bant. Derevi's keen eyes can absorb a multitude of factors as she rapidly alters her plan to meet the changing conditions on the ground. Her devoted followers consider Derevi the greatest commander the Shards have ever seen.

Thanks to her brilliant strategy, the Grixis hordes were routed at the Battle of Split Peak. Her clever diplomacy diverted the Esper Council in their plot against her. Derevi is disciplined but fair, and these qualities evoke loyalty in her soldiers. Always the literal eye in the sky, this commander had outmaneuvered her enemies time and time again.[1]

In-game references[]

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