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Dexterity Card
Introduced Alpha
Last Used Unsanctioned

Dexterity cards in Magic are those that require some physical skill to achieve maximum effect, for example by flipping or dropping card(s) from a height of at least one foot onto the playing area.[1]

Only Chaos Orb and Falling Star were ever printed in black border and are banned in Vintage. Dexterity cards are no longer made in black border, but can still be printed as acorn cards.[2][3]

There is a "Ripping card" variant used twice in Unglued which requires the card to be torn "into pieces" during activation. One of these does not actually require any additional dexterity action. For obvious reasons, ripping is rated 10 on the Gotcha Scale, meaning that players do not enjoy the mechanic and it's unlikely to be reprinted.[4]

List of dexterity cards[]

From black-bordered sets:

From acorn sets:

Ripping cards: