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First seen The Purifying Fire
Last seen The Purifying Fire
Status Unknown

Diraden is a plane that was covered in a magical shroud of perpetual darkness.[1] This shroud cut the plane off from non-black mana and was destroyed when Chandra Nalaar defeated Prince Velrav.


The plane was dark as if caught in perpetual twilight and was commonly obscured by a blanket of fog. Vegetation on the plane was trapped in a dying state, rotting away so slowly. The inhabitants didn't notice, thinking they simply always looked that way. Chandra noted the air smelled of sodded soil and moisture. Ruins were known to dot the landscape beyond Velrav Castle.

Two generations before Chandra came to the plane, it had a normal day and night cycle. After King Gelidor exiled the youngest of his three sons (Prince Velrav), the boy learned the vilest of black magic from the most powerful demon on the plane and took his revenge. He massacred the entire family and fed on the king, which turned the man into a shadow of himself. He then erected the curtain that would blanket the world in darkness.

Notable locations[]

  • Velrav Castle - Where Prince Velrav resided, and the location he would have his minions bring captured residents to.

Planeswalker visitors[]


Sentient races: The inhabitants of Diraden were known to practice blood magic.[2]



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