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Display commander card stock

Comparison of the card stock of the display commander with a regular card

A display commander is a non-legal Magic card introduced for Commander 2021 in April, 2021.

Description[ | ]

The display commander depicts the main commander of the Commander deck and is printed on a significantly thicker card stock. It is therefore not a tournament-legal Magic card.[1] Some display commanders may be foil-etched.

It can be used in Commander games to designate the special status of the commander. Great for showing off and celebrating your deck but not legal in sanctioned Commander play.

History[ | ]

Display commanders replaced the oversized card of previous Commander products. Its introduction was part of the push for an updated packaging with increasing recyclability and decreasing amounts of plastic.[2]

After Commander 2021, the Display commander was added to each subsequent product in the Commander series. Starting with Baldur's Gate they received their own collector number. As of Murders at Karlov Manor the Showcase style for display commanders was named "Vanity".[3]

With Outlaws of Thunder Junction Wizards of the Coast moved away from the foil-etched display commanders, because player feedback showed that folks would rather have regular-sized cards that matched the rest of their decks.[4]

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