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Donal Alloway was a kithkin from the Shadowmoor plane.[1]


Sometime after the Great Aurora, he took the position of cenn of Kinscaer. Alloway was quite tall for a kithkin, and he liked to demonstrate his physical prowess and battle spirit. He dressed in black leather and owned a huge sword. When the giant Rosheen Meanderer's rampage threatened the doun of Mistmeadow, Alloway come to offer the kithkin of Mistmeadow his help and the chance to move to Kinscaer. He faced Maralen, who came to offer the help as well, and accused her of treachery and lying about her true background and intentions. Rosheen's danger was later eliminated by the actions of Mistmeadow warrior Jack Chierdagh, who became the Hero of Mistmeadow. Later, Ashling the Destroyer attacked Kinscaer. Alloway boldly stood up to her, mocking her, relying on the protective magic of Warree Tarcha reinforced by the power of the kithkin mindweft. However, Ashling managed to break Tarcha's concentration by igniting her hair, and before Tarcha recovered, she incinerated Alloway and his sword to pile of slag and ash.

Alloway was a very proud man, yet a bit belligerent and very scheming, much like his Lorwyn predecessor Gaddock Teeg.

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