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Race Human
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3720 AR - unknown

Master Dosan (Japanese: (どう) (さん) ; rōmaji: Dōsan; literally: "Road Three") was the oldest living kannushi on Kamigawa and perhaps the most revered. He belonged to the sacred order of Jukai Forest. Each time wanderers entered the forest seeking enlightenment, Dosan was there, waiting for them to arrive. Dosan's monks, deep in spiritual thought, could walk through the thickest of forests without leaving a mark, even the leaves beneath their feet unaffected by their passing. During the Kami War, Dosan prayed each night to the kami, but the hate he received in return withered his body.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Thankless Child Rei Nakazawa 2004-10-01 Champions of Kamigawa Kamigawa Dosan, Iname

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