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Introduced Fifth Dawn (mechanic)
Dominaria (keyword)
Last Used Evergreen
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64 cards
{C} 1.6% {W} 6.3% {U} 1.6% {R} 35.9% {G} 29.7% {B/R} 1.6% {R/G} 3.1% {W/B} 3.1% {R/W} 1.6% {G/U} 4.7% {M} 1.6% {artifact symbol} 9.4%
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Double is a keyword action formally introduced in Dominaria for Grunn, the Lonely King.


Double multiplies certain characteristics or conditions by two.[1] Doubling has existed informally as early as Fifth Dawn with cards like Doubling Cube and Solarion.

Doubling may be applied to:


From the Comprehensive Rules (April 29, 2022—Streets of New Capenna)

  • 701.9. Double
    • 701.9a Doubling a creature’s power and/or toughness creates a continuous effect. This effect modifies that creature’s power and/or toughness but doesn’t set those characteristics to a specific value. See rule 613.4c.
    • 701.9b To double a creature’s power, that creature gets +X/+0, where X is that creature’s power as the spell or ability that doubles its power resolves. Similarly, an effect that doubles a creature’s toughness gives it +0/+X, where X is that creature’s toughness. Doubling a creature’s power and toughness gives it +X/+Y, where X is its power and Y is its toughness.
    • 701.9c If a creature’s power is less than 0 when it’s doubled, doubling that creature’s power instead means that the creature gets -X/-0, where X is the difference between 0 and its power. Similarly, if its toughness is less than 0 when doubled, it gets -0/-X. If one characteristic’s value is negative but the other isn’t when both are doubled, it gets -X/+Y or +X/-Y, as appropriate.
    • 701.9d To double a player’s life total, the player gains or loses an amount of life such that their new life total is twice its current value.
    • 701.9e To double the number of a kind of counters on a player or permanent, give that player or permanent as many of those counters as that player or permanent already has.
    • 701.9f To double the amount of a type of mana in a player’s mana pool, that player adds an amount of mana of that type equal to the amount they already have.


  • Nyxbloom Ancient and Fiery Emancipation triple effects.[2]
  • Effects that double power and toughness or +1/+1 counters exist primarily in green, although power/toughness doubling also exists on some red cards. In particular, six green cards associated with the Quandrix college have doubling effects, to flavorfully complement its mathematical theme.
    • Effects that double damage, on the other hand, exist exclusively in red.
    • Effects that double life total exist only in white.
  • Mark Rosewater loves to design doubling mechanics.[3]


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