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Double Masters 2022
Double Masters 2022
Double Master 2022 logo.jpg
Set Information
Set symbol
Release date Q3 2022
Plane Various
Expansion code [1]
Physical Masters series
Innistrad Double Feature Double Masters 2022 N/A

Double Masters 2022 is a booster-based compilation set. It is designed to be drafted. The set will be released in Q3 2022.[2]

Set details[]

Everything fans loved about Double Masters — two foil cards and two rare or mythic rare cards in each Draft Booster — is back in Double Masters 2022.[2]


Box Toppers[]



Token cards[]

Double Masters contains tokens

Themes and mechanics[]

R&D has doubled everything about Double Masters. Double the rare slots, double the box toppers, double the first-picks in Draft.

Double Masters 2022 features the following multicolored limited archetypes:


Double Masters 2022 has cycles.

Changes in rarity[]

Box toppers[]

Notable cards[]