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Double team
MTGA Double Team
Keyword Ability
Type Triggered
Introduced Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate
Last used Alchemy: Ixalan
Reminder Text Double team (When this creature attacks, if it's not a token, conjure a duplicate of it into your hand. Then both cards perpetually lose double team.)
17 cards
{W} 29.4% {U} 11.8% {R} 35.3% {G/W} 5.9% {R/W} 11.8% {M} 5.9%
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fulloracle:"Double team"

Double team is a designed-for-digital, MTG Arena-specific keyword ability introduced in Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate. You get two creatures for the price of one.

Description[ | ]

When a creature with double team attacks, if it's not a token, its controller conjures a duplicate of that creature into their hand, then both the original and duplicate perpetually lose double team.[1] However, if the attacking creature leaves the battlefield after triggering double team, it will not lose double team when the ability resolves, even if that card returns to the battlefield before then. As with other "conjure a duplicate" abilities, the duplicate created by Double team will not retain any effects on the original card, including perpetual effects.[2]

Double team took the place of Myriad from the original Baldur's Gate set.[3]

Rules[ | ]

Double Team is not included as part of the Comprehensive Rules.[4] It operates according to the programmed rules of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Example[ | ]


Giant Fire Beetles {2}{R}
Creature — Insect
Double team

Cards which grant Double team[ | ]

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