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This page is about all draft formats. For the most common draft format, see Booster Draft. For the keyword action, see Draft (keyword action).

Draft or card drafting is the process where players pick cards from a limited subset, such as a common pool, to gain some immediate advantage or to assemble hands of cards that are used to meet objectives within the game. With the introduction of the designed-for-digital Spellbook mechanic in Alchemy: Innistrad, Draft became a keyword action, albeit limited to Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Description[ | ]

Games where cards are simply drawn from a pile are not card drafting games - drafting implies that players have some sort of choice.

The most commonly known draft format in Magic: The Gathering is Booster Draft.[1] But there are many casual variants, as well. Examples are Auction Draft, Flavor Draft [2], Chaos Draft[3] and Conspiracy Draft.

Draft matters[ | ]

Conspiracy was the first set to include cards that have abilities that affect the draft itself.[4] To date, only Conspiracy and its sequel Conspiracy: Take the Crown have contained draft abilities.

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