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Draft abilities are abilities which refer in some way to the draft process. Draft abilities are featured in the Conspiracy-series.[1][2]


  • Some cards have abilities that instruct you to draft them face up. These cards remain face up throughout the draft, and any abilities they have relevant to the draft function at that time. Some of these abilities allow you to turn the card face down one time for an effect.
  • Other cards have abilities that instruct you to reveal them as you draft them. These abilities have additional instructions that you complete as you draft the card. After you do what the card tells you to do, it's placed face down with your other drafted cards.
  • Some cards instruct you to note information as you draft them, such as a number or another card. This information is then referred to by other abilities that function during the game. This information is considered public during the draft and subsequent games.
  • If a card instructs you to reveal it or draft it face up during the draft, that doesn't mean you've revealed it for another face up card you've drafted unless you declare that to be the case.
  • Some cards refer to a "draft round." Most booster drafts have three draft rounds, each consisting of all players opening one booster pack and drafting all the cards in those booster packs. This term doesn't refer to games played after a draft.
  • During the draft, there is no active player, priority, or stack. If two players wish to take an action at the same time during the draft, they do so in a random order.

Draft ability cards[]


All draft ability cards from Conspiracy are colorless:

Conspiracy: Take the Crown[]

Conspiracy: Take the Crown introduced colored draft ability cards in three rarity cycles.

Rarity White ({W}) Blue ({U}) Black ({B}) Red ({R}) Green ({G})
Common Custodi Peacekeeper Illusionary Informant Regicide Garbage Fire Leovold's Operative
Uncommon Noble Banneret Spire Phantasm Smuggler Captain Pyretic Hunter Caller of the Untamed
Rare Paliano Vanguard Arcane Savant Archdemon of Paliano Volatile Chimera Animus of Predation