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A simulated draft on Draftsim is a Magic website best known for is its Draft and Sealed simulator. Users practice draft or sealed against AI opponents. Draftsim also maintains a blog, a deck database, and a Magic Arena Tracker App, Arena Tutor.

History[ | ]

Draftsim was founded by Daniel Brooks in 2015 with the release of Dragons of Tarkir. In 2016, the site was sold to Dan Troha, though Brooks continued to stay involved in Draftsim by co-publishing several original draft data analysis studies. The site then began releasing its popular limited card ratings and tier lists. Interest in understanding bot drafting increased, as the then-closed MTG Arena Beta was limited to bot drafts from 2017 until mid-2020.

Draftsim officially launched its blog in 2019, primarily focusing on MTG Arena. However, the blog now publishes several articles per day on all Magic topics, including Standard and Commander.

The following year, Draftsim premiered its MTGA deck tracker, Arena Tutor. The application is a Windows-based tool running on the Overwolf platform, featuring a deck tracker and draft assistant. The draft assistant uses the same AI engine as Draftsim's draft simulator.

In 2021, Draftsim was featured in the IEEE Conference on Games for its paper AI solutions for drafting in Magic: the Gathering. The paper pitted various artificial intelligence methodologies ("bots") against one another in an attempt to determine the optimal drafting algorithm.[1][2]

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