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Dragon Scroll
Dragon Scroll.jpg
Origin Zendikar
Creator Ugin?
User Chandra Nalaar
Status Obsolete

The Dragon Scroll or Dragon's Fire[1] is an artifact, containing an obscure fire spell (the "breath of Ugin" or the ghostfire) and a hidden map of the plane of Zendikar.


The planeswalker Chandra Nalaar was tricked by the shaman Ramaz (also a planeswalker) to steal it from the Sanctum of Stars on the plane of Kephalai.[2][3] The Infinite Consortium were hired to retrieve the scroll, and Jace Beleren was assigned to track the thief, and erase the memories of anyone who had read it. He managed to find Chandra on Regatha where she was studying at Keral Keep. Jace confronted her and a fight broke out. Jace gained the upper hand, and left after completing his mission. However, Chandra had given the scroll to the scribes in the monastery who were making copies of it before Jace arrived.

Coming to an understanding that the true meaning of the scroll might not be in the words, but in some sort of physical attribute of the scroll itself, Chandra returned to Kephalai to recapture it. This failed horribly, when her attack on a group of soldiers caused the entire Sanctum of Stars, a museum of artifacts and rarities of great power and value, to be completely destroyed, killing all those inside. During her flight, she encountered a planeswalker named Gideon who seemed at first to want to help her, but turned her over to the soldiers of Kephalai. After her captors tortured her to find out the location of the scroll, which she had lost during her flight, she managed to escape. Much to her surprise, none other than Gideon assisted her in her flight. He revealed that the place of origin of the scroll was the mysterious plane of Zendikar, where mana and magic act in powerful, but erratic ways.

Following the revealed map to Zendikar, Chandra discovered the Eye of Ugin, where she met mad Sarkhan Vol, yet another planeswalker and an agent of Nicol Bolas.[4] Vol transformed himself into a dragon and attacked Chandra, intending to sacrifice her to the voices he was hearing. His plan was foiled by the sudden appearance of Jace Beleren. The confluence of these three triggered a reaction from one of the hedrons, which began to absorb their magic, and when Jace and Chandra discovered Ugin's invisible fire (which was hinted at in the Dragon's Scroll) and used it to defeat Sarkhan, they unwittingly triggered the last lock of the Eldrazi confinement spell.

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