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Race Lich
Birthplace Urborg, Dominaria
Lifetime Birth unknown, died 4205 AR

Dralnu was an undead necromancer from Urborg who aided the Coalition forces before betraying them.[1] He bore a remarkable resemblance to the metathran commander Thaddeus.


In life, Dralnu had been a warrior, but he fell in battle and was reanimated by an unknown Urborgan necromancer. However, Dralnu retained an unusual level of awareness and intelligence as a zombie and therefore became the apprentice of the lich lady that had reanimated him. Dralnu learned the necromantic arts from her and used them to enhance his body and mind to become a lich himself, then he killed his master and took control of her undead legions. He also took control of Vhelnish, which he converted into a working city rather than simply a place for the lich lady to display her undead collection. From there, Dralnu became a major unseen power in Urborg, commanding thousands of undead minions.

During the Phyrexian Invasion Dralnu allied with the metathran forces on Urborg and helped them advance towards the Stronghold. However, during a supposed ritual of alliance, he also infected Agnate with a plague in order to take control of the metathran army. Commander Grizzlegom realized this and revealed Dralnu's betrayal to the metathran generals. Dralnu feigned innocence and in turn, accused Grizzlegom of killing Agnate (which was technically true). In order to resolve the matter, Dralnu and Grizzlegom agreed to submit themselves to the metathran commanders by binding their arms behind their backs and wearing hoods while the metathran passed judgment. Dralnu was deemed guilty of the murder and was executed. In order to ensure he could not be reborn, Grizzlegom and the metathran then made sure to destroy all of his phylacteries and necromantic equipment, as well as slaughtering his undead minions.

Dralnu is one of the many historical figures that was displaced in time and was thought to exist in present-day Dominaria. It is unknown whether this was the real Dralnu that had been somehow displaced in time, or if this was a temporal echo of the authentic individual.

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