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Plane Ikoria
Part of Savai

Drannith is the largest city on the plane of Ikoria, a human sanctuary with tens of thousands of residents.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Located on the lush plain of Egali in the lowlands of Savai, it's rooted by the Argalith, a gigantic crystal pillar, which is the largest single crystal on the plane and a symbol of hope and protection for Drannith's residents. The Argalith forms the city's central axle and is the foundation of Drannith's magical defenses against monsters. The Citadel is built around it. The city further features crystal-topped spires, straight-backed radial bridges, winding markets, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and unexpected parks. Elevated highways called boulevards radiate out from the Citadel to all points of the compass.

The city is protected by concentric circles of high stone walls. Drannith's highly trained military is second to none at warding off monster attacks; according to the inhabitants, its walls have never fallen since their creation. Apparently, Drannith was founded in a time when humanity's numbers were wearing thin, which is perhaps why an unforgiving fear of monsters is rooted deep in their culture and ideological leadership. According to a mythos, it was the continued attacks of Snapdax against human settlements that forced the survivors to build the fortified city.

Both monsters and bonders are rejected from the city. The Drannith Defense Force, the Coppercoats, are the most well-resourced, powerful military force in the world.

The Rings[edit | edit source]

The Fourth Ring is the outermost of Drannith's concentric defensive zones, and is dedicated to pasturage and timber forests.[2] Because it is too large to be patrolled by the Coppercoats, it is uninhabited. The shepherds and loggers retreat to well-guarded walled hamlets in the Third Ring at night. The Second Ring is the heart of Drannith's hinterland, a wide belt of flat country where every available square foot is planted with crops. The First Ring is guarded by the broad "secondary wall", which is twenty-foot high and covered with warning crystals and protected by turreted ballistae. It is patrolled by the Coppercoats and the Arcane Corps. The First Ring once had been the entirety of the city's domain, but now consists of sprawling military complexes. Beyond the First Ring stands the primary city wall, which has never been breached.

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