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Race Elder Dragon
Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime unknown
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Dromoka is one of the five elder dragons of Tarkir. She is a robust, ankylosaur-like beast, well protected by scaly armor, and is able to breathe searing beams of light. She is a patient, merciful leader, but in battle, she does not hesitate to unleash her breath weapon to obliterate those who dare stand against her.[1]

Dromoka's Brood[]

Dromoka and her brood emerged from Ugin's dragon tempests covered with tough scales that protect them from most clan weapons and magic. They were drawn to Tarkir's hot and sunlit deserts.

Original timeline[]

Dromoka and her brood were revered by the Abzan Houses for their endurance. However, after Ugin's death, they lost the battle against the clans of Tarkir. No new brood was created and all died. Dromoka never reached elder status.

Alternate timeline[]

After Ugin was saved by Sarkhan Vol, the brood thrived. The brood attacked the Abzan over their "necromantic" ways, seeing their summoning of the spirits of the ancestors as an affront to nature and life, and thus massacred them until their khan, Daghatar, was brought before Dromoka's presence. Learning why she acted as she did, he ordered the end of the Abzan kin-tree traditions, installing instead a pact with the dragons.[2]

Clan Dromoka[]

Under the Elder Dragonlord Dromoka the Abzan name was forgotten, and the group became known as clan Dromoka. The Dromoka are a true community, dragons and desert survivors bound together by their common allegiance to their devoted dragonlord. The dragon scalelords foster trust among their subjects, while the other clans must spend their time quelling rebellions. This is achieved by separating the children from their parents and raising them communally, instilling obedience to the dragons into them from an early age. Dragons sit on the top of extended adopted families that are organized meritocratically, offering everyone a place. The dragons even offer distinguished humanoids their scales as protection. The only exception is those who want to reinstate the kin-tree traditions, who are regarded as heretics and hunted.

Dromoka herself travels between the various aeries, inspecting them for weakness. If possible, she will attempt to rectify the situation; if not, she will summarily devour the weak link.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
No End and No Beginning Nik Davidson 2015-02-11 Fate Reforged Tarkir Daghatar, Reyhan, Dromoka

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