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Drownyard Temple.jpg
Plane Innistrad
Part of Nephalia

The Drownyard is a seagraf in the sea near Nephalia on Innistrad where many ships were lost. On this reef, the crazed Lithomancer Nahiri constructed a ring of cryptoliths around a stirring in the water. She made use of Gisa's ghouls to build this so-called Drownyard temple. All the other cryptoliths scattered over the plane point towards this location. It is the focal point of the leylines that Nahiri has redirected.

The findings of Tamiyo supported a connection between the temple and an invisible object of significant mass in the sky. She supposed this most likely to be a new astral body, an eldritch moon of sufficient size as to provide a gravitational pull that is able to disrupt the normal patterns of both the tides and magical energy.[1] This turned out to be Emrakul who had been drawn to the plane through the planar portal by Nahiri but was kept from fully manifesting until Avacyn was killed and Innistrad was thus left unprotected.[2]

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