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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 224 cards
{W} 1.3% {B} 1.8% {R} 0.4% {G} 83.9% {R/G} 2.2% {G/W} 3.6% {B/G} 2.2% {G/U} 3.6% {M} 0.9%
as of Commander 2021
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Druid is a creature type and the primary green spellcaster. The first card with the type was Citanul Druid from Antiquities, but Alpha 's Ley Druid, Llanowar Elves and Verduran Enchantress gained the the type retroactively.

Description[edit | edit source]

Druids, like clerics, are masters of magic that are powered by faith, often backed up with prowess in combat. They are "nature priests" and mostly green-aligned. Druids are strongly tied to plants, animals, fertility, the element of earth, and the land about them.

Early on, Druid-themed cards didn't have specific mechanical meaning. The most important evolution in the Druid class type took place in Ninth Edition, where the Druid class became mechanically connected to mana and land-manipulation. Thus, most druids can be tapped for mana.[1]

Enchanters[edit | edit source]

Enchantresses or enchanters are a particular kind of druid specializing in shaping enchantments.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Druids often congregate in groups away from civilization. The vast majority of druids wield green mana, but some channel white or black mana as well. Green-aligned races such as elves, centaurs, and nantuko produce many druids.

Druidic Organizations / Locations[edit | edit source]

Notable Druids[edit | edit source]

Druid tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Elf Druid Green Creature — Elf Druid 1/1 {T}: Add {G}.
Llanowar Elves Green Creature — Elf Druid 1/1 {T}: Add {G}.

References[edit | edit source]

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