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Plane Innistrad
Part of Nephalia

Drunau is a port town in Nephalia province on Innistrad.[1]


  • The Alrun River — starting in the highlands where the Ulvenwald of Kessig abuts Gavony's Moorlands. It cuts a canyon through rocky grounds until it reaches the sea. Drunau is nestled in the canyon at the river's mouth.
  • Stromkirk Keep — High on the cliff overlooking Drunau, the Stromkirk vampires have established their ancestral manor and their center of commerce outside of Stensia.

The Fauchard[]

The Fauchard are warriors who formed an order of human vampire hunters and usually can be found at this port town.

Some have come to Drunau especially to destroy the undead and possibly Runo Stromkirk himself. They are a secretive group that recognizes one another through an elaborate, symbolic code, either worn, written, or gestured. Runo knows of them and tolerates them to some degree, as the Fauchard destroys the vampires whom the Stromkirk considers to be most crass and distasteful. That said, the Stromkirk vampires will relentlessly pursue and destroy any Fauchard who becomes known to them.

Merchants within Drunau[]

The merchants deal in the usual fare of ships, handcrafted goods, wares from other provinces (such as holy items from Thraben), and weapons.

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