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Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might
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Set Information
Set symbol
Design Sam Stoddard
Development Sam Stoddard
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis
Release date March 31, 2017
Plane Dominaria
Set size Two 60-card theme decks
Expansion code DDS[1]
(for Duel Decks S)
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Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Modern Masters 2017 Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might Welcome Deck 2017

Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might is the 19th set in the Duel Decks series. It was released on March 31, 2017.[2]


The two decks represent the age-old clash between mages and warriors, brains and brawn. Will calculated schemes of the mind outwit and prevail? Or will the pure, bold power of might triumph? Mind is represented by Legendary creature Jhoira of the Ghitu and Might is represented by Legendary creature Lovisa Coldeyes.[3][4] The two premium legendary cards, along with The Unspeakable, Desperate Ritual, Guttural Response and Zo-Zu the Punisher feature new artwork.

The Duel Decks include a Magic “learn to play” guide, a strategy insert, and a deck box, a spindown life counter and 5 tokens each.

Each deck contains 11 rares, compared to 6 in the preceding Duel Deck.


Mind vs. Might Packaging


The rares in this deck are Jhoira of the Ghitu (mythic), Jori En, Ruin Diver, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Sage-Eye Avengers, Deep-Sea Kraken, The Unspeakable, Quicken, Mind's Desire, Volcanic Vision, Firemind's Foresight and Beacon of Tomorrows. The tokens are:

  1. {U} 2/2 Drake with Flying for Talrand, Sky Summoner
  2. {R} 1/1 Elemental for Young Pyromancer (2x)
  3. {R} 1/1 Goblin for Empty the Warrens (2x)


The rares in this deck are Lovisa Coldeyes (mythic), Talara's Battalion, Radha, Heir to Keld, Zo-Zu the Punisher, Rubblebelt Raiders, Kamahl, Pit Fighter, Call of the Herd (2x), Increasing Savagery, Coat of Arms and Beacon of Destruction.

The tokens are:

  1. {G} 4/4 Beast for Beast Attack
  2. {G} 3/3 Elephant for Call of the Herd (2x)
  3. {G} 1/1 Elf Warrior Ambassador Oak
  4. {G} 6/6 Wurm for Roar of the Wurm