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Eckhart Von Falkenrath
Eckhart Von Falkenrath.jpg
Race Vampire
Birthplace Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era
Magic: The Gathering (IDW comic)

Baron Eckhart Von Falkenrath was a leading member of the Falkenrath vampire bloodline on Innistrad. For many years, he was in league with the planeswalker Sifa Grent after she possibly killed his brother for disobeying her.[1]


When the planeswalker Dack Fayden arrived on Innistrad, his first act was to save the cathar Ingrid Reichert and some peasants from the Baron and his group of vampires. Ingrid and the peasants got away but the Baron was able to catch Dack. The two fought but when Dack pulled out the Ancient Fang, Eckhart flew away, knowing the weapon's true power. Back at his castle, the Baron threatened Sifa but she proved she had more control over him then he had thought. She then beat him in front of his vampire subjects, but after the other vampires left Sifa revealed that it was a ruse and that she was powerless without the Fang.

Later when Dack and Ingrid tracked Baron Eckhart back to his castle, the Baron tried to ambush them. This backfired when Dack used a spell and the Fang to control the Baron's own vampires. Dack was going to finish off the vampire, but the hinted that Sifa was in town right at that moment and Dack rode off leaving the Baron's fate in Ingrid's hands.

It is unclear what Ingrid did to the Baron.


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