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Efrava is an oasis in the Sukurvian desert on Jamuraa on Dominaria, and is home to the Efravans, a tribe of cat warriors. It was the location of a famous battle fought by Jedit Ojanen and the Robaran Mercenaries against Johan.

Efrava was also mentioned erroneously as a country on Aerona on a calendar, including information about the cat warrior tribes living there.

Efrava in the time of Jedit Ojanen[edit | edit source]

Efrava, while isolated in the middle of a hostile desert infested with wurms, was a place surprisingly full of life and rich in mana. This was due to the underground sea of the Sukurvian desert surfacing in its location, allowing the presence of a river which created in its stead a lush jungle downstream (the majority of the oasis) with a vast swamp at its source (the eastern border of the oasis).

The Efravans, a tribe of tiger warriors, were the only intelligent species living there, prospering from the land unchallenged. Deeply religious, they worshiped Terrent Amese, their creator, whom they believed to be a god (he was in fact a planeswalker). The tribe was led by the Elder council, advised by the tribe's shaman.

Like all other tribes of cat warriors from the Sukurvian Desert, they are descendants of the original tribe created by the planeswalker Terrent Amese to guard the Dark Heart of the Wood.

To avoid inbreeding, the Efravan met with the Hooraree and the Sulaki every six years in order to exchange cubs. This was the only non-hostile relation between the tribes, seen as a necessity to ensure their mutual survival.

Jaeger Ojanen and later his son Jedit realized that the tribe had reached its maximum potential within the borders of the oasis, and was in fact stalled in any further evolution due to a lack of space and resources. The tribe had slowly expanded west over generations, but now that it had reached the limit of the jungle, the deadly desert prevented the Efravans from prospering further, and their culture had become stagnant and deeply conservationist. This led to the two Ojanens' crossing of the desert in search of new land, which led to the implication of the Efravans in Johan's War.

Efrava in modern days[edit | edit source]

In the time of the time rift crisis (Time Spiral block), Efrava had been destroyed, and the cat warrior tribes inhabiting it had scattered across Dominaria. It is unknown whether the destruction of Efrava was due to the Phyrexian Invasion, to a Time rift, or to another catastrophe altogether.

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