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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/kindred cards)
Beeble Scale 7[1]
28 cards
{U} 17.9% {B} 3.6% {R} 53.6% {G} 7.1% {U/R} 14.3% {M} 3.6%
as of Modern Horizons 3
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Efreet is a retired creature type used for cards that depicted a class of infernal spirits with a fiery appearance and noted for their strength and cunning. Efreets are also called ifrits, and the name is pronounced: "aye-freet". Most efreets draw their power from fire.

Description[ | ]

Efreets are historically held to be drawn to the life force (or blood) of a murdered victim seeking revenge on the murderer. They are often depicted as powerful, wicked, ruthless, and evil beings. Efreets commonly inhabit desolated places, such as ruins or caves. Note that for a long time Efreets were considered a separate creature type in Magic, while in historical sources they sometimes were considered a subclass of Djinns. The first Djinns and Efreets were featured in the Arabian Nights set.[2] Much like how Djinns were in four colors before being pigeonholed to blue-aligned after Judgment, Efreets had the same treatment, but instead into red-aligned.

Starting with Modern Horizons 3, Efreet was retired as a creature type, with Design preference Djinn going forward.[3] While the type is retired, it has not been made obsolete and there are no plans to errata older Efreet cards to a new type.[4]

Storyline[ | ]

Serendib efreet

A Serendib Efreet. Art by Anson Maddocks

Arcavios[ | ]

Many of the most revered elemental artists of the Prismari College of Strixhaven are efreets, including the dean Nassari.

Rabiah[ | ]

The efreets of Rabiah are the second most common and the most dangerous of the djinn tribes. Evil since ancient days, they have a great hatred toward the races of light and have constantly attempted to destroy the Djann. When the djinn tribes of light sought to better their position, the leader of the efreets, the demonic Iblis, sought to wipe out the converted djinn. He led an army against the djann and their human allies. The marids, however, intervened and the efreets were forced away. As a result of this conflict, the efreet are less powerful these days than they once were, and the marid became rare and secluded.

Efreets thrive in abandoned or desolate places, such as the City of Brass. While most of the other tribes need some time to change their appearance, the efreets are known to turn from an unimposing figure into a raging lion or worse in the blink of an eye. They often appear as wild animals such as cobras, scorpions, and dogs, but have been known to tempt people in the form of beautiful women and soldiers. Often they also take the form of sand cyclones or tornados and ravage through the deserts of Rabiah. They can also be seen on camels forged of sand and magic.

Efreets can be warded off by prayer or the materials iron and ruby. All Efreets native to Rabiah can fly, although some of their descendants on other planes have lost this ability.

Ifh-Bíff efreets[ | ]

The Ifh-Bíff Efreets are spirits of the higher air. They are capricious and although not as powerful as many others of their kind, have the ability to release windstorms on opponents.

Junún efreets[ | ]

The Junún Efreets are among the worst of their kind. They incite madness in their victims or, even worse, possess the unwary or those too weak to resist them by locking eyes. The Junún often take the shape of great, purple-skinned elementals that glow like fire and are adorned with heavy gold jewelry. Once bound by a Sahir (sorcerers), they demand regular rewards, not only to remain loyal but also to survive. The name Junún means “possession”. They are similar to the Manjun Efreets, and might actually be the same.

Serendib efreets[ | ]

The Serendib Efreets are among the most vicious of their kind. They are air elementals found all over Rabiah (thus not limited to the Island of Serendib from which they take their name) and are distinguished by their double mouths, jeweled foreheads, and hooked left hand. This was not always so, but ages ago a Serendib Efreet aided a planeswalker in exchange for the ability to destroy anything on Rabiah by putting it into one of his mouths after shrinking it with his deformed hand. He was defeated by a Bird Maiden and a nomad, causing the creation of other Serendib efreets who had a similar physical form (but not the power granted by the planeswalker).[5][6]

The Serendib are among the most powerful efreets. They are profane and very cunning, cursing those that dare summon them and enjoying the pain of foe and friend alike.

Tarkir[ | ]

The Jeskai Way of Tarkir features Djinns and Efreets. These seem to be less spirit-like because they sometimes appear as zombies. The Efreets are drawn to the Kaisham wanderers, a school of tricksters, and originate from Qadat, the Fire Rim. The Efreets that follow the Jeskai Way are outcasts from Quadat and do not speak of their time there.

In the new timeline, after Sarkhan Vol saves Ugin, Efreets became part of the Atarka Clan after the dragonlord conquered Qadat, the Fire Rim.

Wildfire[ | ]

On the plane of Wildfire, the djinn tribes have taken control of the entire plane, which is currently being ruled by Emberwilde Caliph Jan bin Jan. The Wildfire Efreets are the main servants of the Emberwilde Djinn, who use them as emissaries to Suq'Ata.

Notable Efreet[ | ]

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