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God of Death
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Egon is the god of death from Kaldheim.


Egon is one of the oldest Skoti, but he ages backward. He has the appearance (and the bitter, negative attitude) of a teenage boy.[1] Caustic and pessimistic, he constantly predicts the downfall of the Skoti. Due to his youthful visage, the other gods sometimes fail to take him seriously, which is a source of bitter resentment for him. He believes that the Skoti are more occupied with petty squabbling than ruling the realms and thinks their downfall is imminent, probably at the hands of the elves. Kolvori shares a similar concern, but the two gods are too different to get along.

During the Skoti's war with the Einir, Egon tricked King Narfi, the king of Karfell, into giving him control of an army of the dead. This grisly gift turned the tide of battle in favor of the Skoti. In honor of this feat, he became god of all the dead and spends most of his time in Istfell among the spirits of the fallen. Now he proclaims himself the Lord High Ruler of the Lands of Istfell and the Dead of All the Realms, though even he can seldomly make its resident spirits do anything due to their continuous apathy.[2]

For eons Egon has tried to force his entry into Starnheim, without ever receiving the necessary judgment that will allow him or not to enter that realm. In all attempts to invade Starnheim, Egon is stopped by Firja and the warrior spirit Ranar (appointed by the valkyrie as guardian of the passage between Istfell and Starnheim). This cycle has been repeated for centuries.[3]


  • Egon is based on Hel, the Norse ruler of the dead.[4] Unlike the female Norse goddess, however, Egon is male and ages backward, whereas Hel is not known to age and is already half-dead.
  • Egon is an ordinary (if old-fashioned) name in German and other Central and Northern European languages. It's derived either from the Ancient German root word egg ("edge," as in a blade) or "agi" ("terror").
  • Egon's throne is a reference to Hlidskjalf, Odin's high seat that the god used to observe all realms.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Direction. Purpose. Honor. Glory. Miguel Lopez 2021-01-29 Kaldheim Kaldheim Ranar, Egon, Firja

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