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Race Elf
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Eventide

Eidren was a Lorwyn elf of the Gilt Leaf tribe.


He was an elf of breathtaking perfection and beauty, with both a sharp wit and eloquent tongue, well aware of the necessity of always seeing the larger picture. He was said to be able to shape living trees, and the legend says that it was Eidren who in fact created the Gilt Leaf wood when he arranged the trees in a pattern that he deemed beautiful.


The failed wedding[]

Eidren was planned to marry Peradala, the Perfect of Mornsong tribe, a person with the most beautiful voice in the world. However, the wedding convoy that should have brought Peradala to Lys Alana was attacked by fae for unknown reasons and everybody was killed, save for Maralen.


Eidren took up the mantle of Gilt Leaf taercenn after Nath's death. Despite being an artist, he proved to be very effective in battle, much to daen Gryffid's chagrin. Gryffid was reluctant to take orders from a non-hunter, no matter how Perfect. However, Eidren himself persuaded Gryffid that he was the right candidate for a taercenn. Eidren's wood-and-nature shaping magic proved valuable in negating Rhys' traps. After a heated discussion between Eidren and Gryffid, the latter accusing the former of being spoiled by luxury and not knowing the meaning of sacrifice, Eidren revealed his personal sacrifice - to be able to take Nath's place and duties as necessary, he had enchanted himself with nettlevines, becoming sharper, faster and stronger, but shortening his expected lifespan to less than two more years.

The capture of Rhys[]

In the end, Gryffid managed to capture Rhys. When he was about to kill him, Eidren stopped his hand and gave him an order to let Rhys be. Then, he offered Rhys a deal - swearing obedience to him for reestablishing Rhys' position in the nation, for the Gilt Leaf needs people like him. Before Rhys could accept, they were interrupted by Brion, who came to Rhys' help. Brion eliminated most of the elves but died when Eidren threw a vial of moonglove extract at his throat. Eidren then repeated the offer, under threat of killing Rhys' associates. This time, he was interrupted by Maralen's return. Finally, upon being asked the third time and bereft of options, Rhys accepted Eidren's offer, just mere moments before the Great Aurora struck.


In Shadowmoor, Eidren was a First Vigilant (the equivalent of the Lorwyn taercenn) of the Wilt Leaf elves, subordinated only to the king and queen of Cayr Ulios, the central safehold of the Wilt Leaf. He gave his life in the defense of Mistmeadow when the doun was attacked by Ashling the Destroyer. As a last-ditch effort to save the kithkin, Eidren used his body as a living conduit for raw forest magic, whose power took the Destroyer and hurled her away from the doun. However, the flux of magic force destroyed Eidren's body in the process.

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