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Eiganjo Castle
Plane Kamigawa
Part of Araba, Towabara Plains

Eiganjo Castle (Japanese: (えい) (がん) (じょう) ; rōmaji: Eiganjō; literally: "Eternal Rock Castle") is a major white-aligned location on Kamigawa.[1]


Kami War[]

Standing in the middle of the Araba, a ruined part of the Towabara Plains, it was the seat of power of daimyo Takeshi Konda and home to Michiko Konda. Protected by the blessings of That Which Was Taken and the guardian dragon Yosei, the Morning Star, the city survived the largest part of the Kami War unharmed.

However, when O-Kagachi manifested in the corporeal world (utsushiyo), he attacked Eiganjo and tried to recover his stolen offspring. Though That Which was Taken was stolen by Toshiro Umezawa and transported to safety, Eiganjo was reduced to rubble by the wrath of The Great Serpent.

Neon Dynasty[]

Eiganjo was rebuilt upon the bones of its ancient former castle self, and even 1200 years later it remains the main center of Imperial power. It is where the Emperor lives with their court, and where the Imperials train at their Academy.[2]

Eiganjo is a place where ancient shrines and ancestral homes exist side by side with sleekly modern structures. Ancient architecture is painstakingly maintained and incorporated rather than torn down or built over, creating a sense of elegance and harmony between past and present. Eiganjo is home to the Imperial Palace where high-ranking members of the Imperial court live and work, and pilgrims come to seek audience with the emperor. The main shrine of Kyodai, the guardian spirit of Kamigawa, is located within the palace.[3]


  • The Imperial Palace
  • Eigan Town. The human town built around the base of Eiganjo Castle.
  • Golden-Tail Academy, the most famous and unparalleled Samurai academy. Run by the Kitsune.

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