Ekundu Mountains

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Ekundu Mountains
Plane Dominaria
Part of Suq'Ata
Formerly part of Femeref

The Ekundu Mountains are a vast mountain chain that branches off into five other ranges. Its the highest mountain range in Jamuraa and cover a large part of the center of the north-eastern peninsula. The Ekundu Mountains are a barrier between Suq’Ata in the north, Femeref in the south, the Mwonvuli Jungle in the west and the Great Desert in the east, and are home to many griffins and dwarves.

In the north-west the Ekundu range branches of into the Talruum Mountains, in the south-west into the Teremko Mountains. The small range of the mineral-rich Kitu Mountains branches of from the central south of the Ekundu. In the south-east the Ekundu branches into the Jotoka Mountains which were mined as well. The name of the final branch, which extends to the north-east, is unknown.

During the early years of Femeref, Suq’Ata marched against the dwarven denizens of Ekundu and forced them southwards into the Femeref town of Terorq.

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