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Race Human
Birthplace Rabiah
Lifetime Unknown
Arabian Nights (comic)

El-Hajjâj was a powerful wizard from Rabiah, and possibly one of the few people not copied in the Thousand-fold Refraction.


He was the father of Nailah, and trained both her and her lover Raghib in the arcane arts. He discovered the Lore of the Ancients and the prophecy of the One Made of Five, which prophesied that when the five versions of Taysir were united they would become the greatest planeswalker ever.

When Nailah tried to unite the Taysirs and use their power for herself, Hajjâj tried to stop her but was apparently killed. In truth, he escaped his daughter's wrath and hid in his castle with the blue Taysir, whom he had hidden in a City in a Bottle and guarded by a Guardian Beast. When Raghib, whom Nailah had cursed with leprosy after he had outlived his usefulness to her, returned to his castle with the white Taysir, Hajjâj revealed he was still alive and aided the two of them against Nailah. During their final confrontation with Nailah he appeared to die, but he had cheated death once before.

Creature Update[]

In the Grand Creature Type Update El-Hajjâj's Creature type was changed from El-Hajjâj into Human Wizard.