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Elder Dragons
Elder Dragons cover 1.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period April - May, 1996
Number of issues 2
Character(s) Palladia-Mors, Chromium and Vaevictis Asmadi
Creative team
Writer(s) Art Holcomb
Editor(s) Bob Layton, Jeof Vita and Jeffrey Artemis-Gómez
Illustrator(s) Doug Tropea-Wheatley
Letterer(s) Kenneth Martinez
Colorist(s) Carla Feeney, Jessica Kindziersko and Digital Chameleon
Preceded By
Dakkon Blackblade
Followed By
Fallen Angel

The comic Elder Dragons, based on the cycle of Elder Dragons from the Magic card set Legends was published by Armada in two parts. The first volume was released in April, 1996 and the second in May of that year.[1][2]


The warlord Red Donald and his daughter Ad'Amra arrive in the town of Mors Ridge, where a boy called Ham performs "Tickery" magic to keep the Elder Dragon Palladia-Mors at bay. Donald doesn't believe the story and when a magical storm picks up his Dragon Whelp familiar convinces him to start digging canals in the ridge. This actually awakens Palladia-Mors. Then, the dragon whelp is revealed to be her cousin Vaevictis Asmadi. He had manipulated Donald in order to awaken Palladia, needing her to lift the curse that had turned him into a whelp. Palladia does so, and together with an army of zombies and orcs the two Elders start wreaking havoc, killing Red Donald.

Throughout the chaos Ham has been acting strangely. He refuses to hurt Palladia, and pushes away Ad’Amra, who has fallen in love with him. In the end it is revealed that Ham is actually the benevolent Elder Dragon Chromium Rhuell. Chromium convinces Vaevictis to turn on Palladia, but Palladia reverses one of Vaevictis' spells, and he disappears from the battle. Finally, Ad’Amra and Chromium manage to put the sleep-spell back on Palladia.



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