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Race Human
Birthplace Grixis, Alara
Lifetime Pre-Conflux

Eliza, known as Eliza of the Keep, was a young human woman from Alara, dwelling on the shard of Grixis and the only still-living Necromancer baron of the plane. Her skin was pale and supple, but her neck had a faint purple hue to it, possibly from some past injury. She ruled as baron of the Keep at Ilsun Gate in the Dregscape, and later of Unx itself.[1]


Unlike most humans on Grixis, who eke out what lives they can in hidden gatherings known as Hermitages, Eliza lived in the open and viewed her own kind with disdain. Using her considerable skills as a necromancer in addition to a powerful flaming sword, she managed to carve out a small domain at Ilsun Gate, ruling from her Keep somewhere within the Dregscape. Her forces were composed of fleshdolls, skeletal beasts, and shadowy silhouettes of unknown provenance, and with these and, more importantly, her cunning she maintained control of her domain. Eliza prized her living mind, believing it gave her an edge over most of Grixis' self-styled lords. She would frequently play one against another, even going so far as to give up the locations and defenses of other Hermitages if it meant self-advancement.

Her necromantic practices and her minions required a steady source of mana, one that Ilsun Gate could not wholly provide. Due to this, she was forced to constantly attempt to expand her domain. She successfully launched an attack against the necropolis of Unx, claiming it for her own. To accomplish this, she lured its demonic master out along with most of its forces by providing the location of a hidden Hermitage. She gave the same information to Malfegor, hoping that the two forces would batter themselves against each other over the ruins of the hidden town. Eliza successfully stood down Sedris, who was unwilling to confront the dragon she reanimated to fight him. She then took the necropolis for her own, confident she could defend it should its master return.

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