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Eloise Wicker
Race Human
Birthplace Nephalia, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Eloise Wicker is a human detective from Nephalia, Innistrad.


Although Eloise nowadays is considered a damn fine detective, geist-caller Jacob Hauken recalls her as unfriendly, unusually severe for someone so young, and prone to rookie mistakes from three years earlier.[1] She is five feet tall.

Eloise and Hauken worked together before the Travails. Three years later, the two were hired by Lord Nellick to investigate a roving geist attacking people in a local township near the Alrun River — if only it was that easy. Years of experience have left her able to connect the dots better than most folks, but in this case, the dots didn't line up. With help from the geist-caller, she quickly discovered the geist had her own information about Eloise's employer. Eloise knows that to solve this case, she'll have to go down the rabbit hole — a rabbit hole filled with cults, ghosts, and forgotten secrets, where she will have to decide whether she trusts in the living or the dead.[2]

Eloise and Hauken found at that the necro-alchemist Cyril Rav a few months before had misfired a geistbomb - an explosive device fueled with dead souls - that killed a bunch of people, including himself.[1] Because of his necro-powers the geist Rav was able to posses a living body without that person's permission. He started to gather power and influence by possessing influential people. However, the ghosts misused in the geistbomb incident were bend on revenge started haunting him under the lead of Millicent. After hiring first Eloise and then Hauken to get rid of his pursuers, Rav - in the form of Nellick - discovered that Hauken had the special powers of the Vizag Atum. He offered Hauken an unusual partnership, which Hauken accepted. The duo disappeared, leaving several bodies behind. Annoyed by the betrayal of Hauken, Eloise offered her services to Millicent to track the fugitives.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Edge of the World Aysha U. Farah 2021-10-29 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Innistrad Lord Nellick, Jacob Hauken, Eloise Wicker, Millicent, Cyril Rav

In-game references[]

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