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Race Human
Birthplace Eldraine
Lifetime Mending Era

Loremage Elowen is an arrogant middle-aged knight from Vantress on Eldraine.[1] She considers herself without question the most knowledgeable scholar in the Realm when it comes to the Wilds.

A spell-leaching hex was set on Elowen as a child. The hex was meant to strip her of her magic and make her vulnerable and weak. Instead it made her into the loremage she is today. No magic can stick in her bones and thus she can wander the Wilds knowing most hexes and spells will not affect her, or not for long. As a young knight, she travelled with Cado and Algenus Kenrith from Ardenvale, but eventually chose knowledge over loyalty.[1] Her worn blue and gray surcoat has keyhole shapes embroidered into its fabric. A circlet wraps her brow, wedged over the curls of her short hair, and she wears a chain of glittering triangular gems around her neck. Most startlingly, a gruesome raised scar wraps her throat.
She often travels into the Wilds to collect the stories of its denizens.

Elowen witnessed Will and Rowan Kenrith's vistit to Indrelon, the Magic Mirror, and afterwards joined their quest to save the High King. She was instrumental in defeating the planeswalker Oko and saving Algenus.


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