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Plane Eldraine

Embereth is the red-aligned court of the Realm on the plane of Eldraine.[1][2]


Embereth's symbol is a triplet of spearheads.

Embereth exemplifies the virtue of Courage and is home to the legendary magical Irencrag.[3] The court is romantic and elegant, and is known for its feasts, jousting contests and tournaments.[4][5] To the locals, Embereth refers to the entire surrounding free city, while the large tournament complex some call a castle is known by its "true" name: The Burning Yard. The Burning Yard is a large collection of competition arenas, training rooms, and grandstands that hosts a never-ending tournament that features jousting, wrestling, horseback melee, one-on-one combat, archery, and other martial skills. Participation is open to all brave enough to enter.

The Burning Yard is built beside the Irencrag, a massive boulder glowing with volcanic heat. In order to become a knight of Embereth, an aspirant must first face the fear inspired by its red-hot surface in order to plunge their sword into the boulder. If they are truly courageous, they can pull their sword back out, but if they are cowardly or hindered by fear, the sword remains stuck in the Irencrag. The Irencrag speaks to aspiring knights in a voice only they can hear, often taunting them as a test of their courage. Occasionally, when the Irencrag finds a knight particularly worthy, it will bestow their sword with a legendary name, forever imbuing it with its power. One of these is the legendary magical sword Embercleave.[3]

In place of a single ruler, Embereth has a ruling council made up of its knights and its noble class.

Embereth's knights are famously optimistic, singularly certain that anything is achievable so long as you face it head-on. They believe that courage is the highest virtue, as nothing done without bravery can truly be considered virtuous. They are particularly skilled at facing monstrous threats, but also undertake quests to conquer their own personal fears. Embereth knights never carry shields and often incorporate the broken shields of opponents into their armor. The elite knights ride giant lizards.[6]

Mages who draw their power from the Irencrag must harness their emotions to wield it to its full potential. This often manifests as fire magic, but a rarer form of Embereth magic is "phobomancy," the power to harness fear.

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