Last Used: Evergreen
Type: Static
Introduced: [[]]
Category for Enchant
Divine Favor M14

Enchant is an evergreen keyword ability.


It is a static ability found on auras which defines what they can enchant. The keyword is written with a quality after it (e.g. Enchant creature) which defines what a the aura can enchant.


Arya has a Divine Favor in hand, which has 'Enchant creature' and wishes to cast it. She can cast in on her Suntail Hawk, however, she cannot target a Plains as it's not a creature.

Comprehensive Rules

702.5. Enchant

  • 702.5a. Enchant is a static ability, written "Enchant [object or player]." The enchant ability restricts what an Aura spell can target and what an Aura can enchant.
  • 702.5b. For more information on Auras, see rule 303, "Enchantments."
  • 702.5c. If an Aura has multiple instances of enchant, all of them apply. The Aura's target must follow the restrictions from all the instances of enchant. The Aura can enchant only objects or players that match all of its enchant abilities.
  • 702.5d. Auras that can enchant a player can target and be attached to players. Such Auras can't target permanents and can't be attached to permanents.
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