Enchantment Creature is a card type.


Aegis of the Gods JOU

Enchantment Creature

It is a combination of the Enchantment and Creature card types.

This means that anything that affects either Enchantments or Creatures affects them. Enchantment Creatures are generally mystical beings, with a fancy border to show that quality off. They can be anything from the personifications of ideals or Spirits, to Gods themselves.

Enchantment Creatures were first introduced in Future Sight with the single futureshifted card Lucent Liminid. This was the only Enchantment Creature until Theros.

Theros had a large Enchantment theme inspired by these futureshifted cards (cards pre-printed to be from future sets) like Lucent Liminid, Nessian Courser and Daybreak Coronet.

Although Nessian Courser was the only future-shifted card to make it into the Theros block, the heavy Enchantment theme remained.

Theros block

Celestial Archon THS

An Enchantment Creature with Bestow

Theros block added a total of 82 new Enchantment Creature Cards to the game, bringing the total up to 83.

These synergized with the new Theros block mechanics of Constellation, an effect that triggers whenever an Enchantment (Enchantment Creature or otherwise) entered the battlefield, and Bestow which for an increased cost would let you cast your Enchantment Creatures as Auras.


After Theros, cards that make references to the plane of Theros tend to show off the Enchantment Creature theme of the block, though no cards after Theros bock, as of Kaladesh, have included Enchantment Creature in the typeline of a card.

Starfield of Nyx from Magic Origins turns your Enchantments into Enchantment Creatures, while Daxos the Returned in Commander 2015 makes Enchantment Creature tokens.

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