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Enchantment creatures are both enchantments and creatures and therefore the rules for both apply to them.

History[ | ]

The earliest enchantments that could become a creature as well were Still Life and Testament of Faith from Odyssey and Halcyon Glaze from Ravnica: City of Guilds. The type line Enchantment Creature was then introduced on the futureshifted card in Future Sight called Lucent Liminid.[1]

Theros[ | ]

Enchantment Creatures later reappeared as a full-fledged set theme in the Theros set, where they represent the gods themselves and their creations and emissaries (creatures with bestow).[2] The enchantment creatures were highlighted in the following set, which was named after them — Born of the Gods. These had all global enchantment effects.[3] They were given their own mechanic with Constellation in Journey into Nyx.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty[ | ]

Enchantment creatures made a return in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty illustrating the spirit world manifesting in the mortal plane.[4] Some appear to be beings that have attained enlightenment (i.e. Shigeki), while others are implied to be constructs by the Living Historians, in the form of the back-face of Sagas. Some are enchantment creatures for reasons as simple as becoming fast friends (Spirited Companion). A number are also kami not typed as spirits[5], most notably the Go-Shintai cycle.

By 2022, enchantment creatures were considered to be deciduous.[6]

Card frame[ | ]

Enchantment creatures and enchantment artifacts in the Theros block all have a unique card frame that shows the starfield of Nyx. The Nyx frame doesn't have any rules associated with it. It's a reminder that these creatures and artifacts are also enchantments. Other enchantments in Theros use the regular card frame.[7] Enchantment creatures in Theros: Beyond Death, Commander 2018 and Modern Horizons 2 also use this treatment, with the supplemental set cards being flavored as Therosian.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was the first set to have enchantment creatures that was not set on the plane of Theros. During the UX design, R&D found that the Nyx frame was useful in helping players to distinguish between regular creatures, artifact creatures, and the enchantment creatures.[8] The Nyx frame proved generic enough that it didn't feel out of place appearing on Neon Dynasty cards. This convinced R&D of the need to utilize a frame treatment for enchantments. The Nyx frame was decoupled from Theros to be used whenever enchantment creatures appeared. It's subsequently been used in March of the Machine, March of the Machine: The Aftermath and Commander Masters.

Storyline[ | ]

Main article: Nyxborn

References[ | ]

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