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An enchantment land is a Magic: The Gathering card with both the enchantment and the land types.[1]


Players often wondered if enchantment lands had been considered for the "enchantment matters" Theros block. Mark Rosewater admitted that R&D's experience with artifact lands (which turned out way too powerful) scared them off from even trying, especially with Constellation in the mix.[2][3][4] It would have been a problem even if the enchantment land was legendary.[5][6] Even one enchantment land would have forced development to raise the costs of all the cards with the Constellation mechanic.[7]

Enchantment land first appeared on a test card in the Mystery Booster set (Enchanted Prairie).

Rosewater assumed enchantment lands would appear in a regular set one day (possibly in a supplemental set) but most likely not in a set where “enchantments matter”.[8] The first black-bordered enchantment land, Urza's Saga, indeed appeared in Modern Horizons 2.[1]


  • Playing an enchantment land as a land uses a land drop, the same as playing an artifact land.[9]