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Enter the Eldrazi
Enter the Eldrazi.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period April 8-22, 2010
URL Enter the Eldrazi
Creative team
Writer(s) Brady Dommermuth
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Dan Scott
Letterer(s) Bob Jordan
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Enter the Eldrazi is a webcomic about Jace, Sarkhan Vol, and Nicol Bolas. It follows Awakenings. It was originally published in three parts in April 2010.

Part 1[]

At the entrance of the Eye of Ugin, Akoum Mountains, Zendikar.
After Chandra Nalaar] has left in search of the person who had led her to the Dragon Scroll, Jace Beleren stays behind and wondering what had just happened when they fought Sarkhan Vol with ghostfire in the Eye of Ugin. He turns back and finds that Sarkhan is alive but unconscious. Jace suspects that he was led to the place, as well.

A frightened Anowon shows up to demand what has happened. The vampire fears that the Eldrazi have been set free. Before Jace has a chance to answer, the vampire sage stalks off, muttering to himself about warning the people. With no guide, Jace manages to find a nearby town and acquires a lizard mount to catch the next ship sailing to Sea Gate where he can consult the sages about what just happend. On his way, an enormous strangely colored, eyeless, monstrosity attacks, which kills Jace's mount.

Catching his ship, Jace travels to Sea Gate, Halimar. He learns about the Eldrazi who had been imprisoned millennia ago. The merfolk archivist wonders about the frase "Three to arrive, One to depart" that Jace had found on a broken hedron. Jace recounts the events of his journey and decides to search out where Chandra learned of the scroll. The archivist begs Jace to return if he has learned anything, and blesses him in the name of Em and Ula.

Part 2[]

The Eye of Ugin, Akoum Mountains, Zendikar.
Sarkhan Vol regains consciousness. Still delirious, he wanders outside and happens upon a dead dragon swarmed by Eldrazi brood. The spirit of the fallen dragon appears and taunts Sarkhan with threats of the punishment Nicol Bolas will inflict upon him for having failed his mission. Sarkhan cannot discern, and does not seem to care, if the dragon is a hallucination of his own mind. He returns to the Eye to try to find a way to restore it only to begin wondering if Bolas's secret purpose was for him to activate it all along, as he realizes that the confluence of planeswalkers was what triggered the event. Returning to the central hedron, he remembers that as he battled Chandra in his dragon form he could read the runes on the hedrons. Filled with new resolve he returns to his complete dragon form and blasts the taunting dragon spirit. Sarkhan breaks off a large chunk of the floating hedron and 'walks away to meet his master.

Part 3[]

The shaman arrives upon Bolas's Meditation Realm and hopes to deliver his hedron prize unnoticed. Minions, tiny impish effigies of Bolas, appear around Sarkhan and taunt him until Sarkhan is forced to meet his lord. As he traverses the strange landscape Bolas speaks in his mind, debriefing him and learning the true extent of the events that transpired on Zendikar. Finally, Sarkhan arrives at the heart of Bolas's power, a massive floating donjon. The shaman calls upon his wings once again and bows to his master, hoping to deliver his trophy and be done with his punishment. Bolas reveals it was his intention to free the Eldrazi all along, having manipulated events to unlock Ugin's work. Much to Sarkhan's surprise, Bolas claims to have dealt with Ugin already. They conclude that there is is still a fail safe in place, that prevents the rise of the Eldrazi titans themselves. When it finally becomes clear that Bolas has no plans to harm Sarkhan at the moment, the shaman is dismissed. But not without the dragon showing him the twisted form of Tezzeret and the assurance that the dragon always takes care of his minions.

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