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One Dozen Eyes C13

One Dozen Eyes

Entwine is a keyword ability.


It is a static ability that allows you to pay additional mana to cast a spell to be able use all of the modes on a modal spell, rather than picking just one.


Angus is casting One Dozen Eyes and wants to entwine it, to do this he will need to pay Mana GMana GMana G in addition to the Mana GMana 5 he would normally have to pay. However, when One Dozen Eyes resolves he will get both, the 5/5 Beast and the five 1/1 Insects.

Comprehensive Rules

702.41. Entwine

  • 702.41a. Entwine is a static ability of modal spells (see rule 700.2) that functions while the spell is on the stack. "Entwine [cost]" means "You may choose all modes of this spell instead of just one. If you do, you pay an additional [cost]." Using the entwine ability follows the rules for choosing modes and paying additional costs in rules 601.2b and 601.2e-g.
  • 702.41b. If the entwine cost was paid, follow the text of each of the modes in the order written on the card when the spell resolves.