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(Subtype for artifact cards)
Rules Equip [quality] {X}
384 cards
{W} 6.5% {U} 3.1% {B} 4.9% {R} 6.8% {G} 3.6% {W/U} 0.3% {U/B} 0.3% {B/R} 0.8% {R/G} 0.3% {G/W} 0.5% {M} 0.3% {artifact symbol} 72.7%
as of Unfinity
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Equipment is an artifact subtype that has the "equip" keyword ability. By paying the equip cost (which can only be done at sorcery speed), it attaches to a creature you control. If that creature leaves play, the Equipment becomes unattached and remains in play. Paying the equip cost also allows the Equipment to be moved from one creature to another.


Equipment was created as an attempt to improve on the concept of creature enchantments—specifically, the inherent card disadvantage of attaching auras to a creature. First appearing throughout Mirrodin block, that block's heavy artifact theme presented an opportunity to represent a creature's magical weapons and devices as artifacts instead of enchantments, and introduce new rules for using them. Equipment was introduced to core sets in 9th Edition.

Alara Reborn introduced the first colored Equipment; 12 years later, Zendikar Rising introduced equipment with colored equip costs. Zendikar Rising also expanded on "snap-on equipment", which attach itself to a target creature upon entering the battlefield, first seen on Piston Sledge.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty introduced equipment that were also artifact creatures, alongside a new keyword for them in Reconfigure, allowing them to change forms.


From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (April 29, 2022—Streets of New Capenna)

An artifact subtype. Equipment can be attached to creatures. See rule 301, “Artifacts,” and rule 702.6, “Equip.”

From the Comprehensive Rules (April 29, 2022—Streets of New Capenna)

  • 301.5. Some artifacts have the subtype “Equipment.” An Equipment can be attached to a creature. It can’t legally be attached to anything that isn’t a creature.
    • 301.5a The creature an Equipment is attached to is called the “equipped creature.” The Equipment is attached to, or “equips,” that creature.
    • 301.5b Equipment spells are cast like other artifact spells. Equipment enter the battlefield like other artifacts. They don’t enter the battlefield attached to a creature. The equip keyword ability attaches the Equipment to a creature you control (see rule 702.6, “Equip”). Control of the creature matters only when the equip ability is activated and when it resolves. Spells and other abilities may also attach an Equipment to a creature. If an effect attempts to attach an Equipment to an object that can’t be equipped by it, the Equipment doesn’t move.
    • 301.5c An Equipment that’s also a creature can’t equip a creature unless that Equipment has reconfigure (see rule 702.151, “Reconfigure”). An Equipment that loses the subtype “Equipment” can’t equip a creature. An Equipment can’t equip itself. An Equipment that equips an illegal or nonexistent permanent becomes unattached from that permanent but remains on the battlefield. (This is a state-based action. See rule 704.) An Equipment can’t equip more than one creature. If a spell or ability would cause an Equipment to equip more than one creature, the Equipment’s controller chooses which creature it equips.
    • 301.5d An Equipment’s controller is separate from the equipped creature’s controller; the two need not be the same. Changing control of the creature doesn’t change control of the Equipment, and vice versa. Only the Equipment’s controller can activate its abilities. However, if the Equipment grants an ability to the equipped creature (with “gains” or “has”), the equipped creature’s controller is the only one who can activate that ability.
    • 301.5e An ability of a permanent that refers to the “equipped creature” refers to whatever creature that permanent is attached to, even if the permanent with the ability isn’t an Equipment.

From the Comprehensive Rules (April 29, 2022—Streets of New Capenna)

  • 604.4. Many Auras, Equipment, and Fortifications have static abilities that modify the object they’re attached to, but those abilities don’t target that object. If an Aura, Equipment, or Fortification is moved to a different object, the ability stops applying to the original object and starts modifying the new one.


Equipment tokens[]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Stoneforged Blade Colorless Artifact — Equipment Indestructible
Equipped creature gets +5/+5 and has double strike.
Equip {0}
Rock Colorless Artifact — Equipment Equipped creature has "{1}, {T}, Sacrifice Rock: This creature deals 2 damage to any target."
Equip {1}
Icingdeath, Frost Tongue White Legendary Artifact — Equipment Equipped creature gets +2/+0.
Whenever equipped creature attacks, tap target creature defending player controls.
Equip {2}
Bloodforged Battle-Axe Colorless Artifact — Equipment Equipped creature gets +2/+0.
Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, create a token that's a copy of Bloodforged Battle-Axe.
Equip {2}

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