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Ertai, Wizard Adept.jpg
Race Human, Phyrexian (later)
Birthplace Tolaria, Dominaria
Lifetime 4186[1]-4205 AR
Rath and Storm, Nemesis, Planeshift, Apocalypse

Ertai was a talented, arrogant young wizard from Tolaria who signed on to be the Skyship Weatherlight's mage.[2]


Journey to Rath[]

Following the kidnapping of Captain Sisay, the Weatherlight crew required a mage to fix the coordinates of Rath into the planeshifting powerstone. Hanna suggested that Barrin could fill the role, but when approached, he refused and instead provided Ertai, one of his top apprentices, who had just been granted full journeyman status. Dubious of his qualifications, Ertai challenged Hanna to a competition which he won easily.

After arriving in Rath, Weatherlight's planeshifting engine was damaged in battle with the Predator. Ertai, therefore, volunteered to keep the planar portal they found open as an escape route. While trying to open the portal, Ertai was contacted by Lyna, who offered to aid his rituals in exchange for letting the Soltari use the portal as well. Ertai agreed and they successfully opened the portal. However, the Weatherlight was being hotly pursued by Predator as it fled and so was forced to leave Ertai behind.

Altered by Phyrexian science, corrupted by black mana, and twisted by rage, Ertai still looked in the mirror and saw only glory.


After Weatherlight abandoned him, Ertai was captured by Greven il-Vec and taken back to the Stronghold. He became an unexpected dark horse candidate in the contest to replace Volrath as Evincar, largely because of his romantic relationship with Belbe. However, he knew he was no real match for Crovax and thus spent much of his time trying to find a way to escape Rath. When Crovax and Volrath dueled for the throne, Ertai saw that Crovax would win regardless, but by aiding him, he could prevent the deaths of bystanders from Crovax's ability to regenerate himself by killing them, so he used his magic to off-balance Volrath at a critical moment and thus give Crovax the victory. Soon after, Belbe was killed by Eladamri, who also used the last energy of Belbe's personal portal to flee to Dominaria. This gave Ertai no hope of escape, so he chose to submit to the new evincar and was thus transformed into Crovax's loyal lapdog.


Embittered by his abandonment by the Weatherlight crew and by Belbe's death, he regarded Gerrard and company as personal enemies. After the Rathi Overlay, Ertai accompanied Predator into battle with Weatherlight, where he captured Gerrard (and, accidentally, Squee) and teleported them into the Stronghold. After Squee was given the ability to resurrect, Ertai delighted in killing him over and over again, until finally Squee, quite by accident, overloaded the Phyrexian healing device he was using, killing Ertai in the explosion.


The original storyline of the Weatherlight Saga, as envisioned by Michael G. Ryan and Mark Rosewater, featured a time travel story. Fifty years in the future, Dominaria is beset by the Phyrexians. The Weatherlight crew meets up with the resistance led by an old human wizard. It’s Ertai. He’d made it back from Rath many years ago. He’s now a wise old wizard in contrast to the young, prideful wizard they knew. Together with the help of a powerful artifact, the Hourglass pendant that Gerard left behind, they stop the Phyrexians.[3]

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