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Race Planeswalker
Birthplace Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime Born before the Brothers' War

Eskil was the great-great-grandson of Archmage Xarl Angel-Keeper and Eska from Golthonor on Dominaria. He was also the adopted son of the wizard that corrupted the angel Trine. His father was Elazar. Later, he became the guardian of the White Woods.[1]

He summoned the Serra Angel Rahel to fight Trine and free northern Corondor. When Trine's blood splashed him, he was blinded, his skin and hair were bleached white, and he ascended. He thereafter was called "Eskil the White".

As one of the most benevolent planeswalkers on Dominaria, he saved the children of Corondor during the Blackblade–Dihada War. He settled in, and became the guardian of the White Woods, where he was Mangara's mentor.[2]

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