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Plane Dominaria
Part of Kush (land)
Status Current
Formerly part of Kush

Estark is the high barony and city of the land of Kush.[1][2] Estark is primarily known for its annual Festival of the Arena, which took place every year and served as the primary reckoning.[1]


High City of Kush[]

Plane Dominaria
Part of Kush (land)
Status Razed, rebuilt as Estark

Originally there were five Houses in Kush which governed each district. The master of the house dwelt in their respective house's palace and was responsible for overseeing that house's retinue of magic fighters, who resided in chapter houses throughout the Western Realm. Each house wore a different color.[1]

House Color
Bolk Brown
Fentesk Orange
Ingkara Purple
Kestha Gray
Oor-tael Turquoise

Festival of the Arena[]

Originally, the Festival was a ritual conducted privately by magic fighters wishing to test their skill. Under Kuthuman, an arena was constructed and the Festival became a public sporting event. Fighting was governed by sessan (a code of chivalry among magic fighters) and used for gaining power, honor, and face. [1]

The last evening of the 978th Festival, the Night of Fire occurred, on which Zarel Ewine led a massacre of the House Oor-tael, joined by the other four houses. Kuthuman immediately capitalized on the massacre to ascend. Zarel became the new Grand Master, and he turned the games into a blood sport. The ultimate winner of each Festival was promised the opportunity to serve Kuthuman, though he secretly euthanized each one to prevent them become a threat to his own survival.[1]

Locations in Kush[]

Grand Plaza, about a third of a mile across[1]:

  • Five palaces, one for each House[1]
  • Grand Palace[1]
  • Grand Arena[1]
  • Harbor[1]
  • Street of Butchers[1]
  • Street of Money Changers (an empty courtyard)[1]
  • Street of Silk Merchants[1]
  • Street of Sword Makers[1]
  • Street of Tanners[1]


  • Bolk Quarter[1]
    • Street of Steel[1]
    • Street of Brass Workers[1]
    • Streets of Metal[1]
  • Fentesk Quarter[1]
  • Ingkara Quarter[1]
  • Kestha Quarter[1]
  • Oor-tael Quarter[1]

Fall of Kush[]

Kush was razed immediately following the 998th Festival and was rebuilt[1] as Estark.[3] Many of its former citizens took up a modest lifestyle in the countryside.[3] In the Mending Era, Estark was conquered by Benalish troops under command of Knight-Commander Aryel.[4]

Notable characters[]

All dates below are given in the Year of the Festival.


High Barons[]

  • Kuthuman (? - 978), but continued to officiate the final day of each series until 998.[1]
  • Zarel Ewine (978 - 998)[1]
  • Varena (998 - ?)[1]

House Masters[]


In-game references[]

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