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Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Currently: {G}{W}{U}
Commander 2018

Estrid is a planeswalker introduced in Commander 2018.[1][2] Estrid wears many faces, only occasionally wearing her own. She is an enchantress, able to hide herself and others behind a mask.

Appearance and characteristics[ | ]

Constantly striving for self-perfection, Estrid fashions the magical masks that imbue her with the strengths and skills of the creatures they represent. Calm and collected in times of danger, Estrid takes pride in her flexibility. She is always ready with the right face – and set of talents – for whatever challenge she encounters. Her arsenal of enchanted masks lets her shift seamlessly between the powers and fighting styles of countless creatures to adapt to enemy tactics. As Estrid journeys through the Multiverse, she seeks mighty creatures with unique fighting styles and weaves their powers into new masks.

Her further background is unknown. Estrid had access to green, white and blue mana.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Estrid is the first card to make an aura enchantment token.[3] She shares the ability to make enchantment tokens with Niko Aris.
  • Estrid has proven to be problematic for some franchise purposes (R&D is more conscious these days of how well the character can be illustrated in other mediums and her power suite doesn't animate well). Therefore, Mark Rosewater is skeptical that she will be seen in Standard.[4][5][6]

In-game references[ | ]

Represented in:
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References[ | ]

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