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Eternal formats are Constructed play formats which allow cards from all Magic: The Gathering sets with the standard card back and non-silver-bordered /acorn-stamped card frames.

Description[ | ]

The Eternal formats are Vintage, Legacy,[1][2] Commander[3] and Pauper.

Eternal is sometimes confused with the notion of non-rotating formats. All Eternal formats are non-rotating, but Modern, Pioneer, Historic, and Timeless are non-rotating formats that are not Eternal.

Eternal cards[ | ]

The term "eternal card" or "eternal legal card" was introduced when Unfinity replaced silver-bordered with acorn-stamped cards. Where acorn cards are non-tournament legal, eternal cards are their opposite: they are legal in all eternal formats.[4][5]

Eternal Weekend[ | ]

Eternal Weekend is a yearly tournament organized by Wizards of the Coast in association with an independent tournament organizer, featuring the Eternal formats. The tabletop tournament was introduced in 2013.[2] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 version was played on Magic Online.[6]

Per tradition, these events have been commemorated through one of Magic's most unique first-place prizes for a tournament: Original paintings of iconic cards from the formats embedded in an oversized card frame.[7]

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