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Eternal Masters is a compilation set for Magic: The Gathering containing 249 cards (101 common, 80 uncommon, 53 rare, and 15 mythic rare).

It was released on June 10, 2016 (Magic Online: June 17, 2016).

The official expansion code is EMA.

Concept and Design Team

  • Tom LaPille (lead)
  • Ethan Fleischer
  • Aaron Forsythe
  • Bryan Hawley

Development Team

  • Adam Prosak (lead)
  • Sam Stoddard
  • Bryan Hawley


EMA booster display

Eternal Masters booster display

Eternal Masters is exclusively sold in boosters. Each booster contains 16 cards:

Set Art

EMA set art

Set art by Terese Nielsen for Force of Will

Returning Mechanics


No. Name Type P T Rarity
156Abundant GrowthTypePTEternal Masters Common
157Ancestral MaskTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
078Animate DeadTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
079AnnihilateTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
039Arcanis the OmnipotentTypePTEternal Masters Rare
158Argothian EnchantressTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
195Armadillo CloakTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
218Ashnod's AltarTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
117AvaraxTypePTEternal Masters Common
001Aven RiftwatcherTypePTEternal Masters Common
002BalanceTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
196Baleful StrixTypePTEternal Masters Rare
003Ballynock CohortTypePTEternal Masters Common
118Battle SquadronTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
119Beetleback ChiefTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
004Benevolent BodyguardTypePTEternal Masters Common
080Blightsoil DruidTypePTEternal Masters Common
081Blood ArtistTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
197Bloodbraid ElfTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
236Bloodfell CavesTypePTEternal Masters Common
237Blossoming SandsTypePTEternal Masters Common
120Borderland MarauderTypePTEternal Masters Common
198Brago, King EternalTypePTEternal Masters Rare
082Braids, Cabal MinionTypePTEternal Masters Rare
040BrainstormTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
159BrawnTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
121Burning VengeanceTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
083Cabal TherapyTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
005CalcidermTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
214Call the SkybreakerTypePTEternal Masters Rare
122CarbonizeTypePTEternal Masters Common
084Carrion FeederTypePTEternal Masters Common
160Centaur ChieftainTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
041Cephalid SageTypePTEternal Masters Common
123Chain LightningTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
219Chrome MoxTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
161Civic WayfinderTypePTEternal Masters Common
006Coalition Honor GuardTypePTEternal Masters Common
162Commune with the GodsTypePTEternal Masters Common
042Control MagicTypePTEternal Masters Rare
043CounterspellTypePTEternal Masters Common
124Crater HellionTypePTEternal Masters Rare
199Dack FaydenPlaneswalker 3Eternal Masters Mythic Rare
044DazeTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
085Deadbridge ShamanTypePTEternal Masters Common
215Deathrite ShamanTypePTEternal Masters Rare
045Deep AnalysisTypePTEternal Masters Common
125Desperate RavingsTypePTEternal Masters Common
046Diminishing ReturnsTypePTEternal Masters Rare
238Dismal BackwaterTypePTEternal Masters Common
126Dragon EggTypePTEternal Masters Common
047Dream TwistTypePTEternal Masters Common
127Dualcaster MageTypePTEternal Masters Rare
220DuplicantTypePTEternal Masters Rare
086DuressTypePTEternal Masters Common
007Eight-and-a-Half-TailsTypePTEternal Masters Rare
163Elephant GuideTypePTEternal Masters Common
008Elite VanguardTypePTEternal Masters Common
164Elvish VanguardTypePTEternal Masters Common
221Emmessi TomeTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
165Emperor CrocodileTypePTEternal Masters Common
009Enlightened TutorTypePTEternal Masters Rare
087EntombTypePTEternal Masters Rare
200Extract from DarknessTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
088Eyeblight's EndingTypePTEternal Masters Common
048Fact or FictionTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
128Faithless LootingTypePTEternal Masters Common
010Faith's FettersTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
129Fervent CatharTypePTEternal Masters Common
011Field of SoulsTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
130FireboltTypePTEternal Masters Common
131Flame JabTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
201Flame-Kin ZealotTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
166Flinthoof BoarTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
167FogTypePTEternal Masters Common
049Force of WillTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
050Future SightTypePTEternal Masters Rare
168Gaea's BlessingTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
132GambleTypePTEternal Masters Rare
051Gaseous FormTypePTEternal Masters Common
133Ghitu SlingerTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
216Giant SolifugeTypePTEternal Masters Rare
052Giant TortoiseTypePTEternal Masters Common
053Glacial WallTypePTEternal Masters Common
202Glare of SubdualTypePTEternal Masters Rare
012Glimmerpoint StagTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
222Goblin CharbelcherTypePTEternal Masters Rare
203Goblin TrenchesTypePTEternal Masters Rare
089GravediggerTypePTEternal Masters Common
169Green Sun's ZenithTypePTEternal Masters Rare
170HarmonizeTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
090Havoc DemonTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
171Heritage DruidTypePTEternal Masters Rare
013Honden of Cleansing FireTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
134Honden of Infinite RageTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
172Honden of Life's WebTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
091Honden of Night's ReachTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
054Honden of Seeing WindsTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
014HumbleTypePTEternal Masters Common
055HydroblastTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
092Hymn to TourachTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
093IchoridTypePTEternal Masters Rare
173Imperious PerfectTypePTEternal Masters Rare
056Inkwell LeviathanTypePTEternal Masters Rare
094Innocent BloodTypePTEternal Masters Common
015Intangible VirtueTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
174InvigorateTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
223Isochron ScepterTypePTEternal Masters Rare
057Jace, the Mind SculptorPlaneswalker 3Eternal Masters Mythic Rare
016Jareth, Leonine TitanTypePTEternal Masters Rare
058Jetting GlasskiteTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
224JuggernautTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
239Jungle HollowTypePTEternal Masters Common
240KarakasTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
017Karmic GuideTypePTEternal Masters Rare
135Keldon ChampionTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
136Keldon MaraudersTypePTEternal Masters Common
137Kird ApeTypePTEternal Masters Common
018Kor HookmasterTypePTEternal Masters Common
175Llanowar ElvesTypePTEternal Masters Common
176Lys Alana HuntmasterTypePTEternal Masters Common
095Lys Alana ScarbladeTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
204Maelstrom WandererTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
096Malicious AfflictionTypePTEternal Masters Rare
225Mana CryptTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
059Man-o'-WarTypePTEternal Masters Common
241Maze of IthTypePTEternal Masters Rare
060Memory LapseTypePTEternal Masters Common
061Merfolk LooterTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
019Mesa EnchantressTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
226MillikinTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
227Mindless AutomatonTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
242Mishra's FactoryTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
020Mistral ChargerTypePTEternal Masters Common
138Mogg FanaticTypePTEternal Masters Common
139Mogg War MarshalTypePTEternal Masters Common
021Monk IdealistTypePTEternal Masters Common
022Mother of RunesTypePTEternal Masters Rare
062Mystical TutorTypePTEternal Masters Rare
177Natural OrderTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
178Nature's ClaimTypePTEternal Masters Common
097NauseaTypePTEternal Masters Common
098NecropotenceTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
099NekrataalTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
228Nevinyrral's DiskTypePTEternal Masters Rare
100Night's WhisperTypePTEternal Masters Common
179Nimble MongooseTypePTEternal Masters Common
063Oona's GraceTypePTEternal Masters Common
140Orcish OriflammeTypePTEternal Masters Common
023PacifismTypePTEternal Masters Common
064Peregrine DrakeTypePTEternal Masters Common
065Phantom MonsterTypePTEternal Masters Common
101Phyrexian GargantuaTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
066Phyrexian IngesterTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
102Phyrexian RagerTypePTEternal Masters Common
229Pilgrim's EyeTypePTEternal Masters Common
103Plague WitchTypePTEternal Masters Common
141Price of ProgressTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
230Prismatic LensTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
067Prodigal SorcererTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
104Prowling PangolinTypePTEternal Masters Common
142PyroblastTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
143PyrokinesisTypePTEternal Masters Rare
068Quiet SpeculationTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
024Raise the AlarmTypePTEternal Masters Common
025Rally the PeasantsTypePTEternal Masters Common
180RancorTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
144Reckless ChargeTypePTEternal Masters Common
181Regal ForceTypePTEternal Masters Rare
231Relic of ProgenitusTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
182Roar of the WurmTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
183RootsTypePTEternal Masters Common
145Rorix BladewingTypePTEternal Masters Rare
243Rugged HighlandsTypePTEternal Masters Common
244Scoured BarrensTypePTEternal Masters Common
069Screeching SkaabTypePTEternal Masters Common
026Seal of CleansingTypePTEternal Masters Common
184Seal of StrengthTypePTEternal Masters Common
027Second ThoughtsTypePTEternal Masters Common
146Seismic StompTypePTEternal Masters Common
105Sengir AutocratTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
232Sensei's Divining TopTypePTEternal Masters Rare
185Sentinel SpiderTypePTEternal Masters Common
070Serendib EfreetTypePTEternal Masters Rare
028Serra AngelTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
205Shaman of the PackTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
206Shardless AgentTypePTEternal Masters Rare
029ShelterTypePTEternal Masters Common
071Shoreline RangerTypePTEternal Masters Common
147Siege-Gang CommanderTypePTEternal Masters Rare
072Silent DepartureTypePTEternal Masters Common
186Silvos, Rogue ElementalTypePTEternal Masters Rare
106SinkholeTypePTEternal Masters Rare
107Skulking GhostTypePTEternal Masters Common
148Sneak AttackTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
030SoulcatcherTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
207Sphinx of the Steel WindTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
073Sprite NobleTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
031Squadron HawkTypePTEternal Masters Common
149StingscourgerTypePTEternal Masters Common
074Stupefying TouchTypePTEternal Masters Common
150Sulfuric VortexTypePTEternal Masters Rare
245Swiftwater CliffsTypePTEternal Masters Common
032Swords to PlowsharesTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
187Sylvan LibraryTypePTEternal Masters Rare
188Sylvan MightTypePTEternal Masters Common
189Thornweald ArcherTypePTEternal Masters Common
246Thornwood FallsTypePTEternal Masters Common
208Thunderclap WyvernTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
233Ticking GnomesTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
075Tidal WaveTypePTEternal Masters Common
190Timberwatch ElfTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
151Tooth and ClawTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
217Torrent of SoulsTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
108Toxic DelugeTypePTEternal Masters Rare
109Tragic SlipTypePTEternal Masters Common
247Tranquil CoveTypePTEternal Masters Common
209Trygon PredatorTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
110Twisted AbominationTypePTEternal Masters Common
152Undying RageTypePTEternal Masters Common
033Unexpectedly AbsentTypePTEternal Masters Rare
111Urborg UprisingTypePTEternal Masters Common
112Vampiric TutorTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
113VictimizeTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
210VindicateTypePTEternal Masters Rare
114Visara the DreadfulTypePTEternal Masters Rare
211VoidTypePTEternal Masters Rare
115Wake of VulturesTypePTEternal Masters Common
116WakedancerTypePTEternal Masters Common
034Wall of OmensTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
035War Priest of ThuneTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
076Warden of Evos IsleTypePTEternal Masters Common
248WastelandTypePTEternal Masters Rare
212Wee DragonautsTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
036Welkin GuideTypePTEternal Masters Common
191WerebearTypePTEternal Masters Common
037Whitemane LionTypePTEternal Masters Common
153Wildfire EmissaryTypePTEternal Masters Common
249Wind-Scarred CragTypePTEternal Masters Common
234Winter OrbTypePTEternal Masters Rare
192Wirewood SymbioteTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
077WonderTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
154Worldgorger DragonTypePTEternal Masters Mythic Rare
235Worn PowerstoneTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
038Wrath of GodTypePTEternal Masters Rare
193Xantid SwarmTypePTEternal Masters Rare
194Yavimaya EnchantressTypePTEternal Masters Common
155Young PyromancerTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
213Zealous PersecutionTypePTEternal Masters Uncommon
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