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An event deck is a type of Magic: The Gathering product that was sold as part of expert-level expansions starting with Mirrodin Besieged.[1][2] From time to time giving up some of them, this product was officially discontinued after Battle for Zendikar.[3]


Unlike preconstructed theme decks and intro packs, which are constructed by Wizards of the Coast for newer players to Magic, event decks are built with more tournament-play competitive players in mind, and each event deck features seven to ten rares and as many as four copies of powerful common and uncommon cards.[4]

Event decks are Standard legal as of their release and may be played fresh from their box, which contains a strategy insert with tips as to deck customization. The Modern Event Deck that was released in May 2014, is not set-specific and is for Modern rather than for Standard.[5]



From New Phyrexia forward[]

  • Eight rares

From Dragon's Maze forward[]

  • Only one event deck per release.
  • Ten rares

From Khans of Tarkir forward[]

  • Early 2014, it was announced that Event decks would alternate with the Clash pack. At the time this would mean that thay would appear in the first and third set for each block.[6]

Battle for Zendikar[]

  • Eight rares, two mythics
  • After the change to two set blocks, Event decks were to be aligned with each first set, while Clash packs would appear with each second set.


Year Set Name {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
2015 Battle for Zendikar Ultimate Sacrifice B G
2015 Dragons of Tarkir Landslide Charge U R G
2014 Khans of Tarkir Conquering Hordes W B
2014 Modern format March of the Multitudes W B
2014 Journey into Nyx Wrath of the Mortals U R
2014 Born of the Gods Underworld Herald B
2013 Theros Inspiring Heroics W U
2013 Magic 2014 Rush of the Wild R G
2013 Dragon's Maze Strength of Selesnya W B G
2013 Gatecrash Rally and Rout W R
2013 Gatecrash Thrive and Thrash U R G
2012 Return to Ravnica Creep and Conquer B G
2012 Return to Ravnica Wrack and Rage B R
2012 Magic 2013 Sweet Revenge U B R
2012 Magic 2013 Repeat Performance W G
2012 Avacyn Restored Humanity's Vengeance W U
2012 Avacyn Restored Death's Encroach B
2012 Dark Ascension Gleeful Flames R
2012 Dark Ascension Spiraling Doom B G
2011 Innistrad Hold the Line W
2011 Innistrad Deathfed U B G
2011 Magic 2012 Illusionary Might U
2011 Magic 2012 Vampire Onslaught B
2011 New Phyrexia War of Attrition W
2011 New Phyrexia Rot from Within G
2011 Mirrodin Besieged Into the Breach R
2011 Mirrodin Besieged Infect & Defile U B


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